Wow, SNL Does a Comedic Hit Piece On Biden – IOTW Report

Wow, SNL Does a Comedic Hit Piece On Biden

The left does not want him to run again, as evidenced by Lorne Michaels getting the go-ahead to start skewering Biden.

SNL has been an influencer on politics for decades, don’t think otherwise.


10 Comments on Wow, SNL Does a Comedic Hit Piece On Biden

  1. I’m sorry, I find nothing humorous about the coup and the resulting banana republic we are experiencing.

  2. When the late night “comedians” get their marching orders to skewer the Pedo you will know the worm has fully turned.

    Still it’s a leading indicator and the fact they zing Commiela is interesting also.

    Still not sure how they unburden themselves from that tweener twat, but that’s their glorious problem.

    I still suspect they have a final plan for the Pedo, probably right before the midterms that will generate national sympathy and garner votes.

    So the perv will probably have till late Oct to enjoy what remains of his existence. I wouldn’t rule out the “UltraMaga” hit being allowed to “slip” through.

    Either way the Pedo will be gone in a few months. The syphilis is eating his brain and body.

  3. This is very Unusual for SNL, or at least I suspect so, I never watch the generally not funny or entertaining program.

  4. The speakwrite machine musta been working overtime on that one.
    When the comedians(?) turn off Joe and Camela, they’ll erase and deny all previous support of them.
    1984 becomes 2024.

  5. President Elect Toxic Deplorable Racist SAH Neanderthal B Woodman Domestic Violent Extremist SuperStraight

    Don’t care how “funny” SNL thinks they are, or if they’re skewering the DildoCrats or not. Stopped watching them years (decades?) ago because they were just SO “woke”, and no. longer. funny.


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