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WP Thinks Gun Ownership Is Way Down

A CBS/New York Times poll finds that households reporting that they own a gun is down to 36 percent, what the Washington Post declares as a record low.

 Which is strange given that the FBI reported just 6 months ago that background checks for 2015 were up 6 percent from the year before and that 2013 was the all time record year for background checks, at over 21 million.

 So either people are going to gun stores and filling out the paper work for a background check and never actually purchasing the fire arm or some people are building huge personal arsenals or (more likely) people lie to the CBS/NYT pollsters when the call them up and ask if they own a gun.


Washington Post Here


FBI background checks Here


23 Comments on WP Thinks Gun Ownership Is Way Down

  1. denial that 0bama is best gub salesman in America

  2. I’d lie for sure…none of their damn business

  3. Some lefty reporter calls and asks if I own a gun…nope, nada, not in this house…friggen’ idiots.

  4. Gun owners would lie to the media? The same media that has been screaming for gun bans, gun registration, gun confiscation and stricter controls for almost 8 years now?

    Not too many humans dimmer than a reporter.

  5. Wish they had called me. I would have started crying and demand reparations for them scaring me asking me about those scary gun things. Oh, I need a safe space; I think I’ll sue you so you can pay for my treatment of PTDS!

    Stupid tards. I wouldn’t even admit that I have a sling shot.

    “What? No, you fight terrorism with love, right?”

  6. Good. If gun ownership is “way down” then STFU and no need for pushing “gun control” any more.

    Question: If I have five guns and the Government takes three of them, how many do I have left?
    Answer: I have eight left. I lied about having five.


  7. Ann, at least you didn’t say you lost them in a tragic boating accident, if I hear that one more time I’m shitting twinkies. The correct answer to these inquiries is “Fuck You”.

  8. Any polling jerk calls me and asks about guns, I’ll just say I only ever had the one, my grandpa’s single shot shotgun, but I lost it in a tragic boating accident a few years ago.

  9. The worthless fucks at ATF need to come to my house and do an inventory. Leave your black masks, camies, automatic weapons, sniper rifles, armored vehicles and flash bangs at your headquarters. No need to kill unarmed women and children like you did at Waco. Another Clinton success story.
    Will the military fire upon citizens, probably. I know damn sure the armed Federal Agencies will.

  10. Upon calm reflection, I’ve realized that in this context “tragic boating accident” means “Fuck You.”

  11. Uncle Al, I’m well covered. LOL. Just tell them the Mosque down the road stold them.

  12. meanwhile…gun manufacturing company stocks hit another high.


  13. I’m happy to say that I’m responsible for a few hundred of those background checks because I sell guns.

    I’m also happy to say that I’ve done a few “lost sales” on anyone who makes me think it’s a muslim.

    That’s right Mrs. DOJ, I profile, so piss off!

  14. Uh, weren’t gun sales WAY up last year?

    Stupid bozos.

    And, @Mickey Moussaoui, your typo was the basis for a very hilarious scene in the Woody Allen film “Take the Money and Run.” Wish I knew how to post links.

  15. If a poll taker called me and asked me if I had a gun, I’d certainly lie and tell them “NO!”…

    …Uh,… that’s *if* I actually had one, of course…

  16. “Shhh. .. .it’s the WaPo calling. . . .admit nothing”

  17. And CCW holders don’t even have to be called in, so I’m told. I would know nothing about that.

  18. And Trump is losing by 12 points. Just because you make a poll to tell you what you want to hear doesn’t mean it is reality.

    I would not say yes to Trump or Guns for a random call. I also don’t say yes on the form the doctors hand out or any other place requesting intimate knowledge on my gun collection or ownership.

  19. Sigh. The tragedy of untold numbers of undocumented guns, living in the shadows. We’ll never even know how many there are, to say nothing of tracking them down and deporting them. Sad.

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