WT: Trump to raise limit on ethanol in gasoline

“The corn lobby will be the only winner if EPA lifts the federal ban on sales of E15 in summer driving season,” said CEI senior fellow Marlo Lewis. “E15 can cause engine damage and void the warranties of millions of vehicles on the road. E15’s inferior fuel economy will force motorists to fill up more often and get fewer miles to the gallon. Allowing E15 sales in summer driving season is also unlawful under the plain language of section 211(h)(4) of the Clean Air Act.”


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  1. Warning: I drove through the Midwest a month ago.

    Like every liberal agenda item, it’s a process of incrementalism. I guess they knew E15 was already in the bag.

    They had many signs pushing E20.

    Don’t cave Mr President. You haven’t so far. Don’t start with this.

  2. I would never stand in the way of anyone who wants to buy and use ethanol for anything they like. I sure do wish people would return the favor and not strong-arm me into buying and using it when I don’t want to.

    A civilized man uses ethanol for adult beverages,
    and not for motor travel.

  3. If the only reason for this is to try and win a few more seats in the House this election I’ll grudgingly not scream and holler about this. I think these mid-terms are that important. If this is a course of action that is long lasting I’m pissed off as hell! I have a few gas stations that I am frequently close to that have ethanol free gas that I almost never have ethanol in my tank, but sometimes I have to drive a few miles out of my way to do so. Gas stations at Indian casinos and stations near marinas and boat launches are a good place to look for ethanol free gas.

  4. I wish there were some other, better, use for corn.

    I pay more, but use ethanol-free gas in both my cars.

    I am sad about this. ….Lady in Red

  5. Agreement with Uncle Al about if someone else wants to use it that is fine, but the option to not use it should also exist. I have some old English cars, and they are old enough that many of the motor parts are composed of real rubber. Not ethanol friendly, and many of those parts have no alternatives available. Raising the concentration will only make matters worse.
    This also has to do with monsanto- don’t doubt that for a second. They’re big swampers. Big, well organized, implanted swampers. And congress critters love them for their investments.

  6. This ruling directly effects Stormy Daniels because she uses corn all the time, then Avenetti eats it, so I hear.

  7. My little tiny town has one place to buy fuel for your cars and Tractors/equipment. it’s owned by the grain silo company. Two pumps for diesel (off road and on road) and one unleaded that doesn’t have ethanol…..and the corn harvest is just underway. The farmers won’t use it but love the price of corn in their pocket….

  8. FYI, if anyone has handheld lawncare tools (trimmers, mowers, chainsaws, blowers, etc.)that are either hard to start or end up needing rebuilds, this crappy gas is to blame. You can search online for local gas stations that carry real gas. Use this in your machines and your troubles will clear up. Don’t ask me how I know.

  9. NASCAR should host the Karo 250 using corn syrup fuel. Winner is last car running. Probably lap 85.

    I can’t find E free gas. Except at Home Depot at $6 a quart. Or $24 a gallon for those in Rio Linda.

  10. Hear, hear, joe6pak. This is just a reminder that each person’s idea of “winning” is a little different. I don’t recall Trump campaigning on a promise to smash the Ethanol lobby. You know the Dems would love for Trump to piss off the corn farmers just before the midterms.

    Also, dropping this bit of unpleasantness right now was exquisite timing.

  11. Gov’t shouldn’t be in the corn business.
    Can’t find “corn” or “gasoline” in my copy of the Constitution.

    How bout we make it voluntary? If you want corn squeezins in your gas – hit it.
    Do whatever you’re big enough to do and leave the rest of us alone.

    The whole point of having a Republic is that each can devise his own destiny – without interference from some greedy assholes in DC.

    How did we lose that?

    izlamo delenda est …

  12. I’m not about to go all bat-shit crazy over this & go vote for the Satancrats. I’m just going to file this away as ‘agree w/ PDT 95%’ … good enough, so far
    what does irk me, or searching for a better description, ‘sticks in my craw’, is that this is a strictly political decision from a non-politician … he’s learning the game … very swiftly. quick learner.

    .. though I do understand that states will now have a reason not to change blends w/ seasonal changes, more of that crap will only be detrimental to everyone’s gasoline engine throughout the country … it only helps the Corn Conglomerate … & votes in November

  13. I guess I’m with Joe6 and ThirdTwin on this. In the really big scheme of things….

    I know that response will really grate on the Libertarian-leaning folks and, ordinarily, I would agree 100% with the gov’t being involved in any of it. Let’s claim a huge victory in November first.

  14. I guess this means I have to make my humorous comments even cornier than they already are.

    I hate it when that happens.

  15. I will say again, put 10% or 15% ethanol next to 0% ethanol at the same price and let consumers decide. It’s totally ignorant. When they first started it I wasn’t paying any attention and then I started noticing my gas mileage sucked, it had dropped 6mpg. Then I found out it was because of that crap, found a station that sold pure gas and my mileage went back up.

    I was not a Cruz supporter, but the one thing I gave him a lot of credit for was going to Iowa and saying ethanol mandate would come to an end.

    I honestly don’t get saying this crap right now, this doesn’t make the rest of the country happy. Today and tonight I’m seeing more people talking about damn ethanol than crazy democrats.

  16. VietVet — You are SO quick!! I’m so glad God didn’t pair me with someone like you — Geoff C. is funny enough. I’d be laughing like a girl with no brains whatsoever ALL the time!

  17. I heard the Feds made it illegal to sell Non-Ethanol fuel from a pump.
    You can only buy it in 5-gallon containers.


  18. Please enlighten me. Didn’t Mitt Romney make a point of stating that he would end the ethanol subsidies when he was running for office? And, didn’t Osmidgen make a big deal out of his devotion to preserving the ethanol subsidies?

    Also, doesn’t Brazil run almost entirely on ethanol produced from sugar cane?

  19. Ann Thracts, if that is true then I’m genuinely mad as hell! My second thought, where are they going to get all the 5 gallon containers? We will have lost even Trump if this proves to be true, or I should say, Trump will be taking a step toward losing me if this is true.

  20. This has absolutely nothing to do with helping the farmers. At $3 a bushel for corn is not going to keep us afloat. If China/Russia etc. doesn’t start buying our grain Trump will not get re-elected. Period! Agriculture is huge, everything we touch has some grain product involved, be it plastics, road solvents, medicine, list is mind boggling. But it all starts at the farm.
    P.S. ethanol is not made with the type of corn that humans eat. And it’s also made with potatoes, sugarcane, switchgrasses.

  21. AA, I’m with you, Joe 6, ThirdTwin and Bad Brad. As soon as I heard it, I knew it was for the Nov. win and for the farmers and the Chinese crap. I don’t like it, but I get it.

    Going out here to get my head chopped off, but the farmers complaining is making me sick. while we go to the grocery store, many of them do bartering on food and land use. Subsidies and on and on. Complain, 3x. There’s more, but eh.

  22. FarmWife

    Way to cave to the Communist. Time to man up. Particularly if your’e smart enough to see what’s going on.

  23. @ann thracts
    You can buy non ethanol gas from pumps. They have a lot of those pumps near towns with lakes due to marine usage.

  24. @ FarmWife….why don’t they have ethanol for marine usage?…

    Believe me, I AM FOR the farmer. I recognize the expense and struggle that the farmers/ranchers endure, the sacrifices, the hard hard work…..4-5 years ago corn was $7 a bushel and none of the farmers/ranchers around here drive cars and trucks that are less the a couple of years old….they ain’t struggling because of “Trust Land” farming…

    Could a young family start out with nothing, buy land/equipment and make it?….No they couldn’t. We have 2nd cousins of the third wife here that make 20K a year off of the trust….Just enough to keep them in meth and tires so they can hunt coyotes….

  25. @bad brad
    Hey when it comes to ethanol I don’t have a dog in the fight. We raise 100% waxy corn. It goes to processing plant that makes starch and plastics. Ethanol doesn’t butter my bread. We use diesel fuel in all our equipment. I could care less about ethanol. And don’t call me stupid I think I know a tad about farming since I live and breathe it. If the farmers don’t have money to purchase equipment, fertilizer, etc due to failing prices do you think the people working in all the industries we support is going to vote Trump back in?

  26. I drove 35 miles to buy real gasoline (non-ethanol) yesterday. It’s about thirty cents higher per gallon than the fake (ethanol) gas, but I’m not putting that crap in my garden tractor or motorcycle or my beloved chainsaws. Ethanol gasoline is the Soy Boy of motor fuels. I buy twenty gallons when I go and that lasts me a good while. It doesn’t turn rancid like the crappy ethanol gasoline. Oh, by the way, farmers couldn’t grow diddly-squat without petroleum based fuels and lubricants. Corn is for eating. Crude oil is for everything else!

  27. FarmWife

    I didn’t call you stupid. Please review. My mother was an Iowa Farm girl and my father grew up on a farm in Indiana. So I have sympathy towards farmers. However I’m in manufacturing and anybody in manufacturings been getting their ass kicked for at least 8 years. So I don’t want to hear how hard the farmers have it. I’ll guarantee you all those farmers are driving less than two year old Ford diesels. And their wives are driving the bran new obligatory Lexus SUV. Figure it out. We need a big ass correction here to secure our future. Take one for the team. We have for a long time.

  28. @AbigailAdams (at 9:54 pm): How do YOU know I’m quick? Have you been talking to some of my ex-girlfriends?


    P.S. – Just kidding – thanks.
    Geoff C. is funnier, though, IMHO.

  29. @Willygoat I never heard of “Trust Farming” And I don’t know anything about why boats don’t use ethanol, a friend of ours has a pontoon and we’ve gone out with them and thats what we learned from him. Plus Ive seen the pumps at a Marathon station. As for trucks we have a 1994 Chevy and 2014 Ford. I don’t envy the wealthy farmers more power to them. I feel blessed to be in the farming business. Who other than a preacher can say that their boss is GOD! He gives us the rain and sunshine and seed to produce food for lots of people,

  30. A year or so ago I was filling up my truck at the ethanol free pump and the lady behind me (also pumping ethanol free, but for her boat) asked me why I used ethanol free gas for my truck. I said, “I don’t know, why do you use it in your boat?”. You could see the little light bulb in her brain turn on, it’s possible she got it.

  31. Anyone remember that mostly loose corn filled defecation you ever had? Did you run and tell Mommy about it? Tell her to stop serving creamy corn? Go to the hospital about it? And yet it’s still on the shelf in Gerber’s Baby food! Add some beans and move on,,, better bowel movement wishes to all. Jeez,,,

  32. @Hambone
    I know with 100% certainty YOU or anyone does not eat the kind of corn that ethanol is made from. Unless you’re a COW!!!!

  33. Farm Wife,
    I get your point. I do. I’m surprised farmers think the answer to their problems is Socialism. Keep voting the least path of resistance and the state will own your farm. Do you think I’m kidding? Not hardly.

  34. @ FarmWife….God bless you and your family….I wish you nothing but success……

    Trust land farming is when the 3 to 4 (maybe longer) generation farm has been set up in a trust fund….I believe there are tax benefits and the ownership is passed down to various relatives based on the wills of the deceased. There’s a managing entity. usually a relative.It’s ripe to be abused….I don’t know…..raise me a couple of pigs and I’ll come pick them up from the butcher….My heart is for the family farmer…

  35. Another huge problem of ethanol and farmwife is right it’s not the corn we eat, but it also pits farmer against farmer and in the end the consumer. Livestock ranchers hate it because guess what? It raises the price of feed, feed costs were way less before ethanol.

    I’ve also spent a lifetime on family farm and farmers should sink or swim on their own without government involvement. This is the government picking winners and losers, it’s just this time there are fewer winners and a lot more losers.

    I am one who is always in the corner of farmers because it’s my life, but all farmers should be on equal ground.

  36. *** I’ll guarantee you all those farmers are driving less than two year old Ford diesels. And their wives are driving the bran new obligatory Lexus SUV. ***

    Lol! Too funny.

    ‘All’ is a big word.

  37. @iotw bloggers
    Did you know that farmers are less than 1% of the population? No wonder a lot of you don’t know much about farm life.

  38. @Uncle Al (at 10:13 pm): Nope – only made it to E-5. Had an older brother who was a USAF pilot and retired as a Lt. Col., though.

    For those in Rio Frio, that would be an O-5.

    P.S. – I went into the Army with the intention of going to OCS and earning a commission, but a combination of circumstances led to my remaining an enlisted swine instead. Probably for the best, actually, considering the life expectancy of a 2nd Lt. in RVN at the time.


  39. Brad,

    “Quit walking around the perimeter and get to it.”

    It’s noticeable when you’re not here. That’s funny.

  40. Farm Wife I happen to know a lot about farmers and the truth is farmers not getting subsidies are not driving around in 2 year old Ford diesels, however the farmers that the government chose to be the winners are doing so.

    Granted I’ve never been a big crop farmer, just small crops, but I’ve always raised meat and ethanol put a huge dent in our wallets. Farming is very hard work, but the government choosing the winning farmers is hurting all farmers and about to make that 1% a lot less when you combine it with kids growing up and saying this crap is too hard and selling off the farms.

  41. @Anonymous
    Its hard to “swim” when the government dictates the price of grain. What other business out there produces a product and can’t put a price on it??? Farming is THE one and only.

    And what’s with this all farmers have new trucks? we don’t but if we did what of it, I bet a lot of you have new vehicles. Just cause we’re farmers? We’re not allowed to have nice stuff? Excuse me but what have farmers ever done to you guys that we’re so hated. We provide you food to eat for crying out loud! Why the hate? you make me think you’re bunch of democrats!
    (Ones giving your support disregard above rant)

    And you’ll be happy to know this is my last entry…………………… On this topic! Lol

  42. Farm Wife
    1% will not move the needle on an election. I appreciate your input here, even though we argue some. Farmers are the back bone of this country. I just feel our current problems are to dynamic to cater to one industry and I also think we need to give Trump time to do a big feaken reset with our trading partners so EVERYONE makes more money. I hope that makes sense.

  43. @ Bad Brad
    I know jack about manufacturing that’s why I don’t talk about it. But Id be happy to listen and learn. Another day.

    Yeah I Know, this IS my last entry. Goodnight all you farmer haters out there (not you Anon)

  44. I’ve been reading along about increasing the amount of ethanol to be mixed in with gasoline. What has now become interesting to me is- if they keep increasing the ethanol, at what point will we be able to drink it? Just wondering. It would be handy to know.

  45. FarmWife
    I really don’t think anybody here hates farmers. Hit me up someday about the Rice Ranchers here the California Central Valley.

  46. Farmwife I don’t hate myself, that’s a stupid argument. I don’t know what crops you grow but you should be pissed if it’s not corn because they are getting an advantage over you by being propped up by the government.

    As for the government setting the price of grain, yes it’s stupid, but even with that they pick winners and losers. The government should be out of all of it and we should all sink or swim.

    We raise cattle and pigs, along with a few vegetable crops and I didn’t agree with the government purchasing hay and neither did I agree with the government paying for each head of cattle because of the drought. I also refused unlike many of my neighbors of signing up to get a handout. The sad thing about that was the drought wasn’t even that horribly bad here, yeah we had to pay more for our hay, but what was given out was three times the increase of hay.

    On edit: I posted this before I saw not you anon. 🙂

  47. FarmWife, farmer haters? C’mon, you have to know better than that. All of us, no matter what business we are in, all have our battles to fight. And when it’s the government that causes the battle lines to be drawn we don’t like it at all. We are not against farmers, we are against government mandates, subsidies, and control of markets.

  48. Sweet Dreams FarmWife, sincerely wish well to you and your flocks! I hate no farmers, only been grateful to them and have always supported their commitments. To have witnessed this long ongoing debate has been kinda surprising and very enlightening. Just my take on it is, ramp it up! Somewhere else (just being honest). Sure it’s confusing when you don’t know where else to go. That’s the same reason I hang out here. Yet, common sense is another reason I hang out here. You might want to spend more time on sites that bolster your take, instead of debating them. Best wishes sincerely,,,

  49. @Farmwife: Based on the comments, I really don’t think we have any farmer haters here. Definitely some ethanol haters, though.


  50. VietVet – no ethanol hater here, ever lit one on street thugs trying to shake you down? Ethanol is the bomb! Takes no prisoners, maybe selfishly hard to poop after butt those F’ers are gone!

  51. @ Farm Wife…..by the time I was about 26 I wished I had been born into a Farmer/Rancher environment. My Dad had some experience when Denver was a wee bit rural and then he had a summer job at a dairy about 30 miles north of Denver all through high school…very rural then. I relished his stories. He was Proud of his work there….
    He wanted to buy that dairy and move us up there, but my Mom would have none of it….
    Later on I got a wee patch in a formerly rural side of the Denver metro area and raised some goats…still have two goats….

    I spent 45 years in manufacturing, trucking, equipment driving, welding, et. al and I still wish I could have been a farmer/rancher….God-Sun-Rain-Snow-seed……BEAUTIFUL!!!….now raise me a couple of pigs and I’ll come pick them up, I’m in Kansas…Please have them butchered, I don’t have a crew cab ….LOL

  52. .45-70

    Read your story about your mother you posted. Gotta tell you, brought a tear to my eye. It’s amazing how tough are parents were.
    But then you attack me for getting pissed off at some dumb cock sucker that want’s to joke about fucking my mother. You do realize that right? Seems a little out of charterer for some one that claims they loved their mother as much as you. I’ll be interested in hearing whether YOUR mother was the only special mother.

  53. Brad,

    Ummm…let me see.

    Some anonymous poster on an internet chat site posts something derogatory. The receiver of said post gets upset, lights his hair on fire, runs around in cicles, and wants to fight.

    Uh….I think not.

    When you were a young tyke did you ever hear “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me.” ?

    It’s 2D communication….not 3D. Say it to my face and it’s different, but saying it to my phone? Meh…I’m not losing one second of sleep over it.

    Your last sentence doesn’t even deserve a response

  54. Bad Brad – been 2 weeks now I Member the thread. Since than, on your behalf, I’ve Doxxed that bastard, had him followed by PI’s (that I have paid for) and made arrangements with the local MS-13 gangs. Missed you here Dude! LET IT GO!

  55. “Some anonymous poster on an internet chat site posts something derogatory. The receiver of said post gets upset, lights his hair on fire, “runs around in cicles, and wants to fight.”
    I see. What ever. Only your mother was special. That was not an anonymous post. Are you that dense? Are you that ego centric? Do I want to fight? Yea I was pissed, but according to you unjustifiably so. After all, “Hey I fucked your mother” is just guys stuff right. You can’t have it both ways pal. Fuck you.

  56. Brad…. You’re out of control.

    *** I see. What ever. Only your mother was special. ***

    Did I say that?

    Jeeez…you’re boring me now.


  57. Bad Brad – Both Dr Phil and Maury Povitch have accepted their want for you to appear. If your Mom is not dead, they want to interview her as well. Their only request is where your current address is or GPS stats are?

  58. @Uncle Al (at 10:13 pm): Oh, hell – disregard my last question. I just now “got” your comment, which I originally took seriously (bad mistake). In my defense, it was somewhat subtle, plus I am suffering from an extreme lack of sleep lately, so it just kinda whooshed right over my head.

    That’s my excuse, anyway, and I’m sticking with it.


  59. Originally Brad your where always the sane man in! I agree if you trash my Mom or sibling, I’ll F’ you up! That’s the right way Family rules! As I’m sure most of us here agree. Remembering you in the past was being a right man in.

  60. @ Farm Wife I looked in the mirror and confirmed that I am not a cow. I do love to eat, though, and I know where food comes from. I don’t hate farmers. I come from a long line of farmers who relocated from Nebraska and Indiana to Jennings, LA to become rice farmers. I live in the middle of the SE Texas rice farming region and my best friend is a farmer. My point is that no one industry or enterprise is more important or vital than any other. Farmers can not grow food with rain and sunlight and seeds alone. Farmers depend on fuel and lubricants and fertilizers made by the oil industry. The oil industry depends on the steel industry for materials for building refineries and pipelines. The steel industry depends on the coal industry. The coal industry depends on the rail transportation industry. The rail industry depends on the oil and steel industry to supply rails and fuel and on farmers to provide products that need shipment. We’d all be hungry if farmers didn’t have insecticides and herbicides and fertilizers and refrigerants and plastics produced by the petrochemical industry. All industries depend on all the other industries. None is more important than the others. Ethanol is to farming what windmills are to the oil industry. Both are unfairly subsidized to benefit a few at the expense of many. The need for both has faded away because of the technology available today that has made supplies of oil and gas abundant and affordable for centuries to come. No government should be deciding where our food or fuel comes from. The free enterprise system and free markets are best at that. Corn is food. Oil is fuel. Ethanol has become a failed idea just like wind power and it’s time we stop subsidizing it. You’ll be glad to know I bought several bags of corn today to fatten the deer I intend to harvest next month.

  61. Hambone – just did the same and realized no f’s are given. Corn is the most contributing factor in the diet (besides white flour) to the diagnose for type 2 diabetes. Bad Brad, it’s time, just do it! Go ahead and get it over with,,put yourself out of our misery.

  62. Small engine repair shops will see more business I’m sure.
    This stuff is a real pain.
    I’m wondering if a one micron filter would take care of this crap?


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