WTF?????? Cops Let Go Saudi Family Who Left Baby in Hot Car Because It’s “Normal in Saudi Arabia” -WE ARE NOT IN SAUDI ARABIA!!!

Watch this video and try not to strangle the cop in this clip.

WTH is going on in this country?? Muslims do lots of ridiculous, moronic and savage things, like beat their wives, that doesn’t protect them from OUR LAWS!!!!

ht/ rob e.

20 Comments on WTF?????? Cops Let Go Saudi Family Who Left Baby in Hot Car Because It’s “Normal in Saudi Arabia” -WE ARE NOT IN SAUDI ARABIA!!!

  1. For fook sake, I fooken give up. It’s not OK here but if you lop a guy’s head off and it’s OK in Saudi Arabia, there isn’t much we can do about it. Our police are gradually being brain washed, fucking
    brain dry cleaned. We are in deep shit!

  2. Dhimmitude. Moslems are not above the law.
    On the other hand I don’t give a crap if Jihadi Junior dies and the brainless parents go to jail.
    Allahu Fubar you mindless Saudi primitives and your dhimmi supporters.

  3. Should be charged with leaving a child unattended in the car, child neglect, and child endangerment. Plus have DCFS pay a surprise visit to their home. Then they will know for next time. Ignorance of the law is not an excuse to break it. In the video they say this will not be tolerated here. Okay, don’t freaking tolerate it then!!

  4. Now if the cop and his wife were visiting Saudi Arabia and she didn’t wear a hebejeebe on her head of [gasp!] drove a car, they’d both be in prison, sentenced to at least a thousand lashes each!!

    Common sense is becoming so rare, it’s about to be declared a fu*king Super Power®!

  5. There is NOTHING ‘normal’ about Islam…PERIOD!

    It is not a religion, but a cult of death. Had the unattended child died, it would have made no difference to these parents, as Mo-HAM-head commanded them to ‘breed’ (the only thing a woman is useful for). Breeding frequently is part of the plan in creating the caliphate, which demands ALL to submit to this filthy, insane cult!

  6. Coming soon: White Progs Leave Baby in Hot Car, Climate Change Blamed. Everyone’s Carbon Tax goes up.

  7. “We will be looking into the claim, is it really normal in Saudi Arabia to do this…”

    Yeah. Get right on that, Perry Mason. BTW, women aren’t allowed to drive in Saudi Arabia. Next time you pull over a Saudi national female, cultural sensitivity dictates you lock her law-breaking ass up.

  8. This kind of shit will entice people to convert to izlam and accept the Sign of the Beast. That’s why conversions are high in prisons.
    Lock your kid in the car, fuck the kid, kill your daughter, go on a murdering rampage, blow up a church, behead your neighbors and friends – it’s all OK cuz your’re a musselman and wear the Sign of the Beast.

    izlamo delenda est …

  9. Gee, if the child had died would the Corpus Christie cops have at least given the family a ticket? They’re burying this by handing it over for an “investigation” and will quietly end it as soon as the heats off. The locals ought not to let them but keep calling their local councillor as well as the Mayor for regular updates.

  10. I read an article on this story that gave the age of the mother as 17. A 17 year old with a 4 year old child and a 29 year old husband!!! Moslems are a bunch of kiddie diddlers, just like their pedophile prophet, MoHamHead, piss be upon him.


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