WTF? @Mr_Pinko Shadow Banned on Twitter!

WTF? @Mr_Pinko Shadow Banned on Twitter!

I lost 359 UPDATE 1600 Followers in one night.

This is the war the Left are doing leading up to 2020.

Here is the link to test your account –

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52 Comments on WTF? @Mr_Pinko Shadow Banned on Twitter!

  1. It’s serious stuff.
    It means you go about your business on Twitter with seemingly nothing wrong.
    But suddenly you realize that your engagement with people and reach is severely limited.
    This is what O’Keefe uncovered in his undercover video… they only target conservatives.

    So now Pinko is a tree falling in a forest.

  2. OK so I have a question. I know of several sights that have gone to the “Dark Web”. I actually have a link but am to chicken shit to pull the trigger. What’s the deal with the Dark Web and is it a viable alternative?

  3. That’s why I don’t join those clubs. If they’re willing to take me in the first place I don’t want anything to do with them.

  4. Yeah, I’m not so sure but that’s quite similar to FB in their attack on Conservatives which is why I no longer actively participate. I guess that means they won. Afterall, who wants to play ball with some ASSHOLES that get to make up the rules as you go??

  5. I fall into the I-don’t-give-a-fuck-about-social-media-at-all category.

    Not to disparage Mr. Pinko, but why do we even care about this stuff? I didn’t need it while I was growing up, so why do we need it now? Why do we allow ourselves to hang on every word we have to say?

    As a society, we put WAYYYYY too much importance on stuff like Twitter and Facebook.

    Unplug, dammit.

  6. TRUMP WON THE ELECTION because of TWITTER and FACEBOOK! And they know it. And that’s why they are SILENCING Conservative voices on those platforms.
    The WAR is on THEIR PLAYGROUND and that’s where you have to FIGHT.
    You think Trump is going to get re-elected when all you get is the LEFT SCREAMING “TRUMP SUCKS” 24/7 on every LEVEL of COMMUNICATION without any REBUTTAL?
    The LEFT are EVIL. COMPLACENCY will make us lose Trump.

  7. Mr Pinko

    The Gun Guys I follow that tweet also duplicate their shit on IG. I’m assuming there’s an advantage to that. Like recovering all your stuff.

  8. “The LEFT are EVIL. COMPLACENCY will make us lose Trump.”

    My opinion is these little kids from Florida area huge threat. Most peeps I know that lose their twitter accounts fire another one up the nest day and repopulate. I guess it’s a game.

  9. BB, Government is the whole reason why the Dark/Deep web exists. Read up on it, it’s fascinating. If you’ve never been there, you’re missing out on what the internet really is, and you’re missing about 80% of content.

  10. Here’s the definition from Urban Dictionary:


    Banning a user from a web forum in such a way that the banned user is unaware of the ban. Usually takes the form of showing that user’s posts/profile/etc. only to that user; other users never see them. Considered underhanded chicken-shit behavior.”

    Sounds pretty accurate. Fortunately for me, I don’t do Fakebook, LickedOn, or any of the other such sites. I don’t tweet, twitter, twerk, or twatwaffle. I don’t even text. When I wish to communicate with others I do e-mail, snail mail, telephone calls, and drive-by insults. Also face-to-face meetings (by appointment only).

    Being a dinosaur doth have its advantages.


  11. I’ve lost more than 120 followers tonight. Big accounts like Thomas Wictor’s, have been restricted, therefore they are unfollowing everyone.

  12. eternal cracker p

    Thanks for the reply eternal. So why don’t us conservatives get smart and move there. I think I’ll venture in. I know a bunch of gun,and ex military sights that have migrated there.

  13. BB, because the dark web is designed to make things anonymous. Similar to all of us hiding behind aliases on the surface web. It’s more difficult to gather an audience. Although, the majority of what you see on the surface web ultimately bubbled up from some deep dark corner. It would be easy for conservative sites to mirror elsewhere, but it wouldn’t be a front door.. it would be a round about side door, eh, and us conservatives don’t have anything to hide, rather we’re being silenced and moving to the deep web would only make us look like we’re hiding instead of fighting.

  14. “and us conservatives don’t have anything to hide, rather we’re being silenced and moving to the deep web would only make us look like we’re hiding instead of fighting”

    O.K. Understood. But if we could communicate with each other wouldn’t that be beneficial. Just asking because honestly I don’t understand it. Yet.

  15. Twitter is a BILLBOARD. A way to get your message to thousands with one tweet. My viewer impression rate was close to 50,000 an hour. And those 50,000 spread my PRO-TRUMP memes in e-mails, facebook, etc…
    When that gets squashed it looks like Trump is losing support to the average voter.
    We took a few elections for granted and Dems won. They aren’t lying down. Complacency sucks!

  16. Mr.Pinko

    OK, I hate feeling like the ignorant ass hole here tonight, and I don’t tweet, but I have seen a bunch of twitter accounts move sideways into a new ID and continue on. You can’t do that?

  17. BB, we CAN communicate.
    What you’re asking for is the third party (FB, twitter, google, CNN, ABC, etc, etc) to allow our communications.
    It would be nice to have all those third party players exist in another form where they would be unbiased.
    But they aren’t. That’s why iotwr and a swath of conservative sites exist. You want a conservative site on the deep web so it won’t be silenced. But at the same time you probably want it mainstream, like a big alphabet network. Mainstream is the surface web and it’s the fight we need to fight.

  18. Took me 9 FUCKING YEARS to get to this point on Twitter. I’m not starting all over again. And you really don’t fucking get it!
    You think I have time to waste for Twitter to keep doing what they’re doing? They’re winning the war dude and no one cares.

  19. eternal

    Ahh, got you. I think there might be an advantage to being not “Mainstream”. Maybe a sight on the web as a leader into the dark web. It would be nice typing with out listening for the black helicopters.

    Thanks for the edjumication Eternal.

  20. BB, you can access the surface web via the dark web. in otherwords, you never have to leave the dark web if helicopters are your thing.
    Be prepared to deal with the time it takes to hide your identity with your every move. You don’t communicate directly, rather thru a cluster of proxies designed specifically to hide your identity and location. The disadvantage is time. If iotwr takes x seconds to load the whole page now, you’re going to at least triple that time.

  21. I lost six followers in the blink of an eye tonight – you go to their accounts and they’re “restricted” ….Twitter is at war with conservatives – they are the fascists that they pretend to be so afraid of.

  22. Eternal
    “BB, you can access the surface web via the dark web. in otherwords, you never have to leave the dark web if helicopters are your thing.”

    They are getting to be. I’d love to go dark. I’m going to check it out.
    Thanks again

  23. Mr. Pinko,

    Here’s a little perspective for you, so don’t be depressed over this stuff.

    1. Do you know who Jesus Christ is?

    2. How did Jesus Christ get so many followers and yet never had Twitter or Facebook?

    3. Jesus lived over 2,000 years ago and is yet still relevant to billions of people to this day. How is that?

    Never give up. There’s always a way to continue on.

  24. Mr Pinko come on. Think about this. Your talking about a 2.8% drop AFTER THEY BANNED YOU. Fire up another identity. The word will get out.

  25. “shadowban”
    Banning a user from a web forum … …. Considered underhanded chicken-shit behavior.”

    This is horribly deceitful and UN-AMERICAN. But to put this in perspective,
    how less chicken-shit was the seemingly forgiven behavior of the IRS (an organization that owns your skin).
    Or the FBI, that has files, pics, data on every one of us and all our loved ones.

    If Twitter pisses you off, what about Uncle Sam’s criminal employees?

  26. That ShadowBan test site now returns:

    ERROR 403 – Forbidden

    Leider dürfen Sie die Seite nicht aufrufen!
    Möglicherweise kommen Sie aus einem Netzwerk, das auf einer Blacklist steht!

    It’s not allowed to view this page from your origin!
    Maybe your provider ist listed on a blacklist!

  27. The MAIN reason I’m NOT on Tweeter. It’s RUN by a buncha twits. 🙄

    Ditto the FAZEbook; I remain, “UN-fazed”…

    IOTW & The People’s Cube is where I get all my SERIOUS news, anyways.

  28. Here is the problem:

    Twitter works because you have people that follow you. Those people have people that follow them. When you tweet, those people see your tweet and re-tweet it so their followers see it. It progresses until millions see your message.

    Twitter is DELETING your followers. They have no idea that they no longer can see your tweets, thus they can’t re-tweet you. You have lost your audience.

    Like Mr. Pinko said, it has nothing to do with your content. You are merrily tweeting away, all your tweets are still there, but others cannot see you.

    I don’t have lots of followers, but I just lost 500 since last night. And I’m nobody. Imagine the big guys losing thousands. They are being silenced.

  29. I know that many of you don’t use Twitter. But if you don’t care or fight back in this battle, they will move on to websites.

    No more iOTWr.

    What will you do then?

  30. We are at war with the left. The left controls much of the media. But you have to get involved so we can make a difference, no matter how distasteful it is. I had to work my butt off to get just 1,200 followers – it keeps going down and down. Until sanity prevails, we have to keep working with what we have to work with. That means sticking it to the commie twats that run Twitter.

  31. Well, you still have me, Mr. P.

    I signed onto Twitter after Trump’s inauguration because we need conservative voices, people to spread articles and videos and important information that the Left constantly suppresses–like by shadow-banning everyone they disagree with. The Left doesn’t quit, and while I’m nowhere near Mr. Pinko’s level of influence, I figure every voice adds to the growing wave of constitutional conservatism we are trying to bring about.

    The Left is made up of insane, cunning children who lie, cheat, steal, and kill with no conscience. I’m not prepared to go down without whatever fight I can make. Right now, I can’t do much but spread the conservative word, so I do, from a lot of excellent sources.

    I don’t engage with idiots or debate because it’s wasted effort, like arguing with a recording. But for those open to hearing about another way of thinking, those who might be open to a new message, I want to be sure that message is out there in sight.

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