WTG Bill Kristol – You’re a Visionary

Bill Kristol is a worthless twat –

10 Comments on WTG Bill Kristol – You’re a Visionary

  1. He exchanges gay child porn with Harry Reid and Mitch Mconell and he wants to keep those cd’ s and private shows coming.

    I wish he would predict winners in boxing matches so i could bet the opposite and make a fortune.

    Loser. Scumbag. Queer.

  2. Bill Whoever the funk has a problem. He can’t decide whether to park his dick in Karl Rove’s ass or Jeb Bush’s. The Bush’s have screwed this country twice. And this liberal idiot thinks we will fall for it again?
    I don’t have to sit in anybody’s sandbox. Trump is the only one who owes nobody anything and will stand up to the little pusses who run our government

  3. Bill Echo Chamber thinks they get to dictate who to support as a conservative.

    Sorry asshole, the vulgarians are now battling for the livelihood of themselves and their posterity.

    You comments are no longer required or respected. The sheep reject the shepards.

  4. Gee Bill, wishing didn’t work out so well did it?

    This is one dude I’d like to lay out with that snarky BS of his. He wants Cheney to run 3rd party if(when) Trump gets the nod.

  5. “He’s a regular einstein.”

    Yeah, Dexter Einstein, the blind retard …

    He should keep searching for “Curly’s Gold” …


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