I’m going to get my haircut in West Seattle tomorrow. Same stylist I have gone to for 20 years. She has always been fairly neutral and although she voted for Obama twice she admitted that she regrets her second vote for him. Her son is a smart kid (college bound debate team captain) and went from being conservative 2 years ago to loving Bernie Sanders. She never expressed great admiration for Hillary but I assumed she voted for her. She knows I voted for Trump.

My previously mild mannered hairstylist attended the p*ssy hat Women’s March. She also marched in an “emergency” immigration rally. She bragged this week that she donated to the ACLU and will continue to do monthly while Trump is President.

We have been friends a long time and have each been supportive with family/career/health issues over the years.

Now, by all appearances because I voted for Trump-I am someone she hates now.

What should I say or do if the Trump presidency comes up as a point of conversation?


Telling her to “F*ck off!” is not in my wheelhouse.

( I’m curious if anyone has been in the same potentially awkward situation. I just don’t know if the “nod and smile” will work with the elephant in the room. The subject will come up.)


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  1. Find a new hair stylist, you shouldn’t let her near you with sharp objects. Plus, she may decide to screw up your hair.

  2. @Anon I know. I’m not confrontational and marginally articulate when it comes to expressing my opinions. I’ve been having pseudo conversations in my head about how tomorrow will go. It could be fine-agree to disagree-or it could be point counterpoint with awkward silences. I’ve not experienced the Left in person so far since I work from home. I know it’s crazy out there.

  3. Inform her that she now understands a little of how we were feeling for the past eight years and invite her to reconsider the lefttard penchant for investing so much power in a centralized Federal Government…

    or you could just tell her “Suck it up, snowflake!Trump won!”.

  4. I don’t see how it got this far in the first place. I cut loose stupid friends in a hurry. I also share concern for what your hair is about to look like.

  5. BINGO what Bret said:

    Vote with your pocketbook.
    (I’ll set aside the safety and beauty concerns)

    You owe her no explanation – much less an excuse.
    You can still be as friendly and supportive as you wish but, since you write, “Now, by all appearances because I voted for Trump-I am someone she hates now,” you’ve got reason for concern.


  6. If you really like her haircuts, if she brings up politics just sigh and say let’s turn the page, then bring up a different subject. There is no point talking politics with your hairdresser, she is in the service industry, stay superficial. Move on, until you need her services again(not friendship, not political agony, just hair cut, a hired hair service provider)

    But if she insists on making your haircut time political just find a new service provider. Not really complicated.

  7. I wouldn’t say a word during your appointment. If, during it, she spouts of in any way, keep quiet. Hold your tongue. At the end of the appointment — as you’re paying — simply let her know that you’ll be finding a new stylist.

    But stay calm and respectful. In other words be the exact opposite of her stereotype of Trump and his supporters..

    Thank her for working with you. But explain in the most respectful way that since you are someone she is so vehemently opposed to — and regards with so little respect — that it is best for both of you that you take your business elsewhere.

    And leave.

  8. Greetings!

    Tell her she had all of the female attributes to become a prostitute and ask her why she became a Trump hater without brains instead!


  9. Find a new stylist. I have broke off ‘n’ relationships in the past 10-12 yrs b/c of obozo hilLIARy the mainstream media and the rest of these unhinged criminals. If someone thinks their violence and intolerance and hatred of America is admirable and to be supported, I can’t associate with them. Away!

  10. When she gets on about immigration agree that we don’t want our country to become like mecca and medina. Discuss how the last remaining apartheid state is evil.

  11. I just asked around and found a wonderfully creative and friendly hairdresser. She owns the business, employs family members, voted for Trump, the radio is always tuned to a Christian station. It doesn’t look like a fancy place, it looks like a family business. Sometimes the owner’s grandchildren are running around being cute.

    Seek a new hairdresser, ask around. I cannot imagine anyone has such special hair, except for Michelle, it can only be styled and cut by a rabid she-animal.

  12. First: FIND A NEW HAIR STYLIST!!!!!

    Do Not Let her get within 10 feet of you with a sharp object.

    She could stab you in the neck in a sudden bout of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

  13. Part of the money you’re paying her is going to the ACLU. So, you’re indirectly supporting the ACLU. Finding someone else to cut your hair seems to me like an easy choice.

  14. I think Dianny has the best answer. For sure you have to find a new stylist because now you know your contribution to the economy is helping fund ACLU and the rest of her whacky ideology; pull the funding anyway you can

  15. Go easy, just tell her you want a #3 all over and you are repenting for Trump.

    If that don’t work, fuggitabout the cut and eat a good lunch!


  16. It seems we are always asked to be the bigger person and suck it up. I don’t believe we need to suck anything up and her demonstrated change in view of you, a paying customer, is evidence enough to change. For 8 years you endured her views on Obama. If she can’t and wont’ respect yours then you boycott the way adults do. Thank you and good bye!

  17. If you can drive over to Kirkland, go to Savvy Salon on 124th. Not the one in Bellevue. Nancy Nguyen is an excellent stylist who has been cutting my hair for 10 years. And she doesn’t care about your politics.


  18. I go to a barber. I have no idea what his political position is, the only thing we talk about is motorcycles and how I want my hair cut.
    If you want to keep her as a stylist, and have no problem that the money you give her will go to places you wouldn’t otherwise support, I’d suggest turning the conversation to puppies, horses, cooking, motorcycles, or something else she has an interest in.

  19. Considering how her ilk have been behaving lately- I wouldn’t trust her with a cotton ball. No matter how much you like her, she still throws down with people who have set fires, beat up gay people, beat up blacks, assault women… WOMEN. Hello??? Spit on people, blocked access to public roads, anti-Jew, anti-Christian, pro islam, communists, anti-police, anti- child, threatened to blow up the white house and openly called for Trump and Mike Pence’s assassinations. Then they called everyone who doesn’t act or think like they do, nazis. These people are set off by just about anything.
    That’s an emotional problem with scissors waiting to happen.
    And possibly 4 to 6 months waiting for your hair to grow out.

  20. The pussyhatters made women’s lib a complete joke. And the ACLU. Hilarious. I’m still waiting for someone to explain to me how Trump is rayciss. I’ve not heard a single fucking explanation from the left.

    Obviously, I’m not going to be able to give up cussing for Lent. LOL

  21. When I don’t want to hear their dumb, rote BS, I tell them I just ‘couldn’t vote for Hillary, because of the server, and that she has always been completely dishonest. I just couldn’t vote for her’. Makes them see, for just a moment, that their candidate did not deserve my vote.

    Never mind who I passionately supported, contributed to and voted for – I’m not interested in a lecture from some snowFLAKE about how President (😄) Trump is the worst type of person they can describe.

    I don’t like to write people off either, but why would I go out of my way to be lectured by a hypocrite?

    Hillary wasn’t racist? Misogynist? Corrupt? Dishonest? Divisive?

    The Left constantly projects THEIR OWN issues onto their opponents, and I say, BULLSHIT!’

  22. If the topic comes up, the most important thing is to maintain your cool and composure. If she amps it up and gets testy with her customer, while you are being respectful, then you can tell at the end that you will not be coming back if you can’t be respectful of a customer’s opinion and have a conversation while showing respect.

    The Women’s March was all about Trump and his Grab her by the P comment.
    -In the election they talked about our children watching Trump as Prez and all the things he might say. “Our Children are watching”
    -Well what about Hillary’s husband that put BJ’s, sexual assaults, semen, blue dress, cigars in orifices on our nightly news for our children to see. Trumps words don’t come close to what Hillary’s husband has done.
    -As far as the topic of abortion, I’m sure you can handle that yourself. Trump is standing up for the rights of babies not to be dismembered in the womb while or bouncing around the uterus trying to avoid being burned by saline.

    Immigration Protest:
    -Just tell her Obama had similar bans during his tenure and Chuck Schumer stood behind him. But with Trump as prez he is shedding a tear. Also what about the Cuban policy change Obama made in the last month of office. Cuban’s now can’t apply for residency if fleeing Cuba and make it to the US. They are fleeing a communist dictator that kills and imprisons people that dissent or try to flee. Just call her on the hypocrisy.

    But all the stuff that Obama did, you didn’t see conservatives assaulting people participating in free speech or going to rallies, destroying property and rioting, or setting the Berkeley campus on fire because of a speaker they didn’t like. So the left tries to shut free speech down with violence while claiming to partaking in free speech.

    You’ll do fine, but keep your cool. Develop a response for the hot topics of the day that she may bring up. If she loses it and disrespects you, then tell her you are not coming back as you walk out.

  23. and, most importantly – as she’s holding those sharp and pointy shears so close to your exposed head, remember the Savage Warning:


    Stay safe, my friend.

  24. @illustr8r, it isn’t clear to me if you want to continue your business relationship with the hairdresser or to find a civilized way to end that relationship. Perhaps you’re prepared for either outcome depending on how unhinged she is.

    Here’s an approach you might consider: start a conversation by sadly decrying the awful violence and intolerance of the anti-Trump demonstrators, and expressing a sincere wish that the left stop the attacks against people and property and be more like those of us who were non-violently objecting to Barky and his policies for eight years. Doing this will either establish a common ground and will allow you to continue seeing her, or pave the way for you to let her know you’ll be finding another hairdresser.

    I hope this makes sense.

  25. Uncomfortable? Find another stylist. It’s not worth the anguish you express.
    Why torment yourself dealing with fools and at the same time encourage them to think their actions have no consequences?

    Is there a relationship outside the styling service she provides? I would venture to say more like an acquaintance for over 2 decades.

    Leaving her establishment will not be a loss to you or her.
    But, you will be the winner.

  26. Seriously, find another stylist.
    Then tell her you found an illegal who will cut your hair for less $$.

  27. I’m surprised she has a son. And a smart one at that. On the debate team, but went from being conservative to loving Bernie in just two years? He musta lost alotta debates. WWiD? Find a new barber. Why aggravate yourself.
    As for myself, I go to a Unisex saloon where none of them speak fluent English. I pick the first available barber. Light trim, square back. Then I STFU and watch the soccer match on TV.

  28. I agree with the “find another stylist” sentiment. It sounds like your current stylist has thrown in with the slogan and group think crowd – i.e. your typical Democrat.

    But if you have to deal with these sorts, I rely on asking questions which challenge the slogan answers. If Trump’s “pussy grabbing” is mentioned, I ask why this is different than Bill Clinton’s sexual escapades. If global warming comes up, I press for scientific sources I can check for myself (Al Gore and Bill Nye do not qualify) or how the government can fix it. I ask questions designed to ascertain why illegal immigration is good for the country. These questions, to use a lawyerly tactic, should e designed to test the foundation of the slogans and statements of these folk.

    I will caution you that asking these questions will irritate a committed liberal more than arguing with them, although the side benefit is that they will generally leave the topic fairly quickly. If they can explain their positions, more powerr to them; but they generally can’t. It’s like trying to rationalize some of Nancy Pelosi’s statements – Pelosi says things that are designed to cater to her San Francisco libiots and be parroted as gospel. You need to pretend you are interested in their views, and just want to find out why they think that way.

    By the way, Tucker Carlson and Trey Gowdy are masters of this technique.

  29. Get her a puppy and yourself a new stylist.
    What if she gets pissed off with scissors in hand and in your hair?

  30. I would find another hairstylist. Many valid reasons have already been given as to why.

    We need to support each other; that is we conservatives. Vote with your pocketbook to demonstrate your disagreement with your present hairstylist. If you want to explain why you can but you have to remember liberals are for the most part insane and you cannot fix crazy.

    We spent so many years in the social and political woodshed waiting for a chance to see our country being led in a way we are comfortable and agree with. Why put up with anyone who rains on your parade??????

  31. Why engage in social intercourse with peasants?

    Tell them what you want and have your SS guys beat them if they don’t deliver.

  32. If your hairstyle is now, and must remain, so artistic that, in the entire world of seven billion people, only a blind Tibetan monk , a Cuban trannie (“exiled” to Miami), and a robot at MIT (that is not legally allowed within twenty yards of a live human being, after “the incident”), can maintain it, then an unwavering “After the election, I don’t discuss politics. Or religion.” It’s simple. It’s old school. It’s classic. Like “I can neither confirm nor deny,” it’s proven it’s effectiveness for generations, when held to, firmly.

    If, though, your hairstyle’s reality can actually be captured by mere mortal photography, then accept the fact that your current stylist has decided to become a Progressive™ recruiter. Not mere supporter. But active, public, fund raising recruiter. And you’ll be paying her. Or not.

    How hard can it be?

  33. How is this even a question?
    The answer is obvious.
    She’s a freaking HAIR STYLIST.
    She’s not a brain surgeon, whose lifesaving services you need !!
    GTFO of there and find a new stylist.
    I don’t think there’s a shortage.
    Big Duh!

  34. Tell her that you now realize what a huge mistake you made by supporting Trump. Maybe she will cut your hair for free.

  35. Thumbs up for Dianny and Uncle Al’s answers.

    Fortunately my hair dresser is a legal immigrant who worked hard to obtain her citizenship. She has no use for illegals and proudly voted for Trump/Pence.

  36. Thinking it would be best if you cancel the appt., illustr8r, then find a new stylist–BUT–also send her a small gift of a plastic snowflake (anonymously).

    And remember: Trust no liberal holding any sharp object. They can snap in a nanosecond!

  37. My wife recently changed stylists for the same reason. After Trump’s win, her low-info stylist went rabidly Leftist.
    Why endure a service provider who thinks she can rant away because you’re a temporary captive audience?
    Why put up with that?

    Actions have consequences.
    The Left is in the process of putting LOTS of self-employed fools out of work.
    Because the Left destroys everything it touches.

    Lots of great stylists around. Enjoy one who doesn’t tithe to the ACLU.

  38. My barber is nearing 70 years old. When I go to get my hair cut, we either talk about fishing and hunting or how stupid liberals are. He’s been pulling the democrat lever for years, but they’ve changed and he doesn’t like it one bit.

    It’s also the only place in town where I ever hear the words, damn niggers! Family run and they don’t give a fcuk, been in business for decades and the whole town knows them.

  39. Illustr8r — Here’s an easy answer: Consider that YOUR mooola is going straight to the ACLU and the food she puts in her mouth that gives her the energy to fight against everything YOU believe in. It may not seem like a lot, but if she is alienating you, you can bet she is alienating her more vocal Trump-supporting clients, too.

    ..and don’t let a pussyhat anywhere near your hair! Someone who likes that look, will find a way to sabotage you.

  40. As women we seem to always be seeking validation through relationships, even with people who show us no respect. I think this is the heart of the matter.
    You may be able to avoid a confrontation with your stylist for a while, but eventually she will challenge you. Since she’s so committed to leftist causes it won’t end well, anyway.
    It’s really depends on how much abuse you’re willing to tolerate, but it’s best to let her know that if she can’t accept your polical views, you will find another hair stylist.
    Personally, I wouldn’t do business with someone who makes politics more important than their customers. BTW, do you really want to help financially support her leftist causes? Best to find a conservative hair stylist who you can be comfortable doing business with, for your own peace of mind.

  41. We’ve known each other for 20 years. When Obama won, knowing you voted for him, did I come in here with an attitude or treat you differently in any way shape or form? No? I came in here with the same respect and friendship I had since I first walked in that door.

    But now Trump wins and now I’m somebody you hate because I exercised my choice in a free and open society for the candidate of my choice? You’re throwing 20 years of friendship away because your side lost?

    Sorry, but it looks like I completely misjudged your character after all these years. You hid your hate well. I wish you well in the future, no regrets, but I will not be coming back through that door anymore.

    Of course all said in the same calm manner everybody else suggested.

  42. What is the ultimate outcome of the left’s agenda? If you ignore laws you don’t like and prohibit speech you don’t like and prevent companies from growth by satisfying consumer wants and needs because someone somewhere thinks a fish far away may be impacted what are you left with?

    Here it comes: you’re left with third world failed countries looted by all-powerful tribal warlords who keep control through fear and murder.

    That’s is the only possible outcome of “progressive liberal” beliefs. The proof is in every failed city, state and country where liberalism has held sway. How are Chicago gangs different from tribal warlords? How are lifelong democrat public servants in Congress the wealthiest members if not from looting and getting paid tribute from “the people” like any warlord.

  43. You should find a new stylist. I understand it when you are comfortable with someone, but having recently moved, I found another that was just as good. Ask around.

    You can tell her why, or not, as it suits you. But if you continue to patronize her business, realize that you are indirectly supporting ACLU, pussy marches and Bernie supporters.

  44. What Dianny said, except after you pay, tell her that you will be ‘…finding a new stylist because I can’t, in good conscience, patronize businesses that are critical of our God Emperor now that he has ascended the Cherry Blossom Throne.”

    ALWAYS refer to President Trump as the “God Emperor;” it pushes all the right buttons. Oh, and wear your vest and go armed…just in case.

  45. Several years ago, I looked up (on Facebook) the girl who dated me in high school. She “liked” a website called something like, “We survived Bush – you’ll survive Obama.” It turns out that she was right. We did survive. You might remind your friend that she IS your friend — Trump is not. While you may support him and his agenda, you are not likely to ever meet him or have any of your specific opinions considered by him. The United States has survived 44 prior presidents; and, God willing, will survive both of Donald Trump’s terms.

  46. Amongst me and my Lefty Friends & Family, we have a no politics rule. Weather, our mutual aversion to the designated hitter, football, baseball, paleolithic cave paintings, all things outdoors west Texas, the price of WTIC…. are all fair game. But no politics.

    It’s detenté at its finest, and it works.

  47. Right now as we speak, a snowflake couple I know are planning to rip their children away from the grandmother who ihas been mother and educator to them, all day, every day, to move to out of the U. S. of A. Contemplate that.

  48. If politics comes up, channel Andrew Breitbart with a “So?” But keep away from the minefields. Good hairdressers are hard to find.

  49. What’s a hair stylist?
    My hair looks like a cross amongst Einstein (Albert, not Norman), Irwin Corey, and Wolfman Jack.
    No reason at all to funnel money through an imbecilic mouth-breather to communist front organizations like the ACLU and nihilistic procurers of murder like PP.

    Just say “NO!”

    izlamo delenda est …

  50. If you have been friends for a long time, I would at least make some attempt to salvage the relationship. I doubt if she hates you – she just doesn’t like your politics, nor you hers. Just tell her, “Look – we’re both adults here, and I know you wouldn’t want to lose my friendship or my business, so why don’t we do this: we’ll agree to disagree on these issues and stay away from all political discussions. OK?”

    If she agrees (and sticks to the bargain), problem solved. If not, well – nothing ventured, nothing gained. Then you should probably start thinking about a new barber.

  51. Thanks everyone for you opinions- I really was interested in what you had to say. Living in Seattle is a minefield for any Righty-especially now that the Lefties have lost their minds.

    I survived. I wasn’t stabbed with scissors and I’m happy with my haircut. Politics didn’t enter into the conversation till late in the appointment. She adopted the agree to disagree stance at first and then said that she got caught up into the whirlwind of anti-Trumpism.

    The violent protests made her think twice about her stance-along with her son (the Bernie supporter) who likes Trump’s plans for trade! She decided to consume other media besides just CNN and MSNBC (oof!) to hear what else is out there. Trump’s cabinet choices don’t scare her but she doesn’t like Betsy DaVos. Her monthly donation to the ACLU has been cancelled since they got more than enough money from their last haul.

    So, maybe yeah she was being Switzerland to not offend me and to keep me as a client. I felt that she could honestly see that the Left is out of control and it’s wiser to take a wait and see approach with the Trump administration. She knows that Trump supporters aren’t haters-as she has other Trumper clients besides me…

    Thanks again for your comments! 🙂

  52. I’m glad to hear things worked out better than you feared too.

    I’ve been a client of a woman for close to 40 years, and we’ve both been through some changes over time. I haven’t seen her much over the last ten, and I was a little concerned about which way she had turned over time. I was so happy to know she was behind Trump 100%. I thought she might be, as a small and very talented business person. She had become a Christian about 15 years ago, but this smallish town has turned hoity toity and her large client base is predictably blatantly liberal also. Seems you can be Christian, and serve as an exotic pet in the higher-end service industry, but don’t dare color outside the lines. We had to speak in low tones, lest she offend some of her other customers.

  53. Illustr8r, glad it went well. Thanks for the update.

    Here in DC we are surrounded by smart articulate initially likeable-seeming folks.
    95% of them are hard-Left fanatics, and are also in Government– or parasiting off Government as K Street lawyers or worse, national press.

    It’s a daily unending study in group sociology and mass hysteria.

    And it’s oddly lonely. I miss the ability to have any semblance of an intelligent conversation.

    So I feel your Seattle pain.

    But hey, now we’re winning.

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