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Wyoming Wind Tax

In a classic example of what economists call a “negative externality,” wind farm operators are planning on covering parts of Wyoming’s beautiful vista with unsightly wind turbines then transmit the energy generated back to California. So Wyoming’s state government has put a tax on these operations and the LA Times is suddenly offended that the Cowboy state would want some compensation for letting California dreamers pursue their “clean energy” obsession on someone else’s land.



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  1. Hey, it’s Cali. $1 per kilowatt-hour sounds about right. Wyoming will have their budget problem sewn up in a year.

  2. So, is California the POT or the KETTLE in this argument?

    California getting in a snit about taxes is like Jeffrey Dahmer decrying cannibalism.

  3. Besides, if a western state can fu*k California, I’m all in. After all, Cali exports their sh!tstain Lefties all over the west, so why not reciprocate somehow?

  4. I want to put 500 of these things in obama’s front yard

  5. Yeah, we are sending the lefties packing, back to where they came from. This was a red state until a massive influx of lefties from other states descended on us during the 60’s and 70’s.

  6. I’d probably wait to see what the next admin looks like. An all-of-the-above check in the box or a loss of subsidies could make this more doomed than it already is. Just a question of time. Wow, taxes could triple to a whopping 12 mil. That probably won’t keep up with spending increases in the state govt. I hate wind farms. Twofer – ugly and stupid. This is not the path to cheap, abundant power. Anathema to the preezy and the EPA, I know, but he won’t be around forever. When the inevitable, third world-style brownouts and blackouts start we’ll be left with only torches to light the way. They go well with pitchforks.

  7. There’s a reason the Navy replaced their sailing ships with oil and nuclear.

    Can’t any of these “enlightened” morons do math?

    All seriousness aside, this has more to do with plundering the Treasury than with power generation. ALL these wind scams go to major donors of the 2 wings of the Socialist Party (Demonrat/Bolshevik and Republicrat/Menshevik).

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. Another example of how Mexifornia is sucking the life out of the rest of the nation.

  9. Maryland has a “rain” tax (no kidding).
    Wyoming will soon have a “wind” tax.
    Does Florida have a “sunlight” tax?

  10. Hey take this crap off shore.
    If they can float an oil rig they can float a wind turbine, unless Nancy Boy California can’t stand to have their views spoiled
    FU CA

  11. WY generates beau coup cheap electricity via fossil fuels. They export some of that to CA as well as the non-economic wind-generated kind that CA has mandated for itself.

    WY also has plenty uranium. I hope they build a nuclear plant so they can sell even more power to other states.

  12. Not the “wind” I had hoped the story was about.

  13. When (hopefully soon) the tax supports are knocked from under the wind fraud the companies who put them up should be made to take them down, just like oil derreks.

  14. I was born and grew up in calif. It was once a beautiful, carefree and amazing place to live. Then the easterners like pelosi came in and destroyed it, along with faggot loving feinstein and feminist moron boxer. Hollywood went from patriotic to loving every pervert and sick cause on the planet. And the environmentalists finished us off.
    25 or thirty years ago I read that 45K laws a year were being passed and ALL of them take away some freedom. Man! How much freedom we have lost!
    It makes me sad and angry at the same time. What a bunch of bastards!

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