Y O U Are The News.

Why would our Federal Government need the backdoor to our separate state elections?
Listen to Jovan Hutton Pulitzer explain: Has The Election System Backdoor Been Exposed?

You are the news. Share that link with everyone.
Spread it far and wide. [Kamala Harris joke here].
Let your governor, your state legislators and your DA’s and AG’s know.
More importantly, let them know that YOU KNOW what’s up.
Make them nervous. Don’t let up.

4 Comments on Y O U Are The News.

  1. Newsome didn’t beat you.

    I did.

    And I’ma be there for ALL your little “elections”


    …and now you will be punished for your puny little defiance, we’ve lost patienrce with you slaves so its gonna be severe, we’re just deciding what we’re gonn jab you with next but you’re SURE the fuck gonna be lined up and held down for it after THIS little stunt.

    Learn your place.

    Or die.

    I will NEVER let you have your own leaders again.


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