Ya Break It, Ya Bought It

Selfie mishap leads to $200,000 in damage at art exhibition.


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  1. Honestly, If the people that set up this display didn’t see this coming their stupid. That was just crying out to happen, then it did. No suprise.

  2. Some commenters speculated this “accident ” smells like a publicity stunt.
    With a $200k insurance payoff bonus.

    If so, they succeeded.

  3. 10 pieces of “art” are worth $200,000. I suspect less than 5 were damaged, so they were worth $40,000 a piece?
    I think the value is inflated well beyond what anyone would pay for it.
    By the way, I have a rock I painted gold, I’m selling it for $25,000, because it’s gold colored and I say it’s worth every bit of my asking price. If you break it before you buy it, it’s worth increased to $50,000.

  4. A friend of mine went to an art galllery to see an opening. He showed me the pictures. It was garbage…. no, literally GARBAGE.

    Some hipster collected actual garbage from pails and dumpsters, metal debris, broken glass, fast food containers, discarded car tires…. you name it this guy had it on display. They lined it up in indivudual piles on the floor in a big old warehouse converted to an art space with bright lighting.

    Imbeciles lined up to see this junk. The imbeciles fawned over this actual garbage. Imbeciles paid money to get in to see the garbage strewn about the floor.

    Many people live very empty lives and many people are living way better when they deserve. Like the Romans that were so desperate for entertainment they devolved into watching lions eat humans and considered it to be great fun and cheered with glee.

    There is a problem when society is so broken down, when supposedly educated people act like they have been eating lead paint chips and drinking metal water since birth, where they can be lead to discard all sensabillity and to pay money to look at garbage. Just because a hipster told them “its art !!!”.

  5. Now, it is only worth what someone would pay for it.
    If it is modern art is is crap.
    That means its worth less than ship ballast, or drilling mud.

  6. Perfect ‘domino’ effect, except…it sure looks as if she deliberately ‘fell’ onto the first display stand.

    I call FAKE, done to draw attention to the so-called ‘art’!!!

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