Yahoo News Disables Comments

So we’re suppose to read propaganda and not be able to comment or post a dissenting view. 

Yahoo’s “goal” is to stifle the people’s voice. All Yahoo’s sh*t articles had people in the comments pointing out the media’s dishonesty and support for Trump and Yahoo put a stop to it. 

I discovered this when I went to post this rebuttal to the LIE -“unfounded claims about mail-in voting” and couldn’t. Trump Uses the Media’s OWN Headlines Against Them

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23 Comments on Yahoo News Disables Comments

  1. Most all the left sites do that because they can’t defend their reporting when called out. The ones that do allow comments are flooded by rabid lefties still argueing that Trump pees on his mattress and Hillary’s the President. Best ignored.

  2. I said this before back in 2016, that my wife is Trump’s biggest cheerleader while simultaneously being an avid consumer of celebrity lofotainment news, and she would regularly tell me how the comment sections at these vapid sites overwhelmingly mocked whatever leftist anti-trump propanganda was being spewed.

    She is not a commenter like me, but she loves to read the handwriting on the wall, and she says the anti-leftist mockery is even bigger in the lofotainment comment sections this year. Yahoo just confirmed her observation. Not looking good for the feller in the cellar.

  3. The Federalist and Newsbusters dropped their comment sections some time ago so it’s not exclusively a libtard thing.

  4. I tend to look askance at websites that do not voluntarily allow comments, they have long tongues and no ears. Why are they hesitant to permit discussion of their content?

    Plus, where else can I use the word “askance” in a sentence?

    FYI – The Federalist and other conservative websites were forced to drop their comment section, it was not voluntary. Google threatened to de-monetized them. Same with Zero-Hedge.

  5. Anonymous, the Federalist did it as a defensive maneuver against leftist mobys trying to get the site shut down. Not tye same thing at all as what Yahoo did.

  6. Some sites remove the comment section and replace them with ads. Times are tough.

    But Yahoo? They’re backed by tons of cash. They don’t like the fact that the comment section went center/right the year before 0bama left.
    And whenever hillary’s name came up, bill’s name was sure to follow in the comments. LOL

  7. They’re NOT cowards.
    They risk being hanged by the victors in the oncoming struggle.

    Regardless of who the victors are.

    The nihilist/socialist/totalitarians know that they were too easily bought – and displayed great greed in their scramble to amass their fortunes – and too eagerly licked the filthy shit-encrusted asses of their political masters.

    The Americans know that they’re traitors – scum who sold their souls for cups of rice – and would happily sodomize their own mothers before a laughing and pointing audience.

    Their only hope of survival (after certain torture and privation) is to somehow make someone believe that they’re useful. It takes a certain kind of courage to be a “Wormtongue.”

    izlamo delenda est …

  8. Thirdtwin’s right. Federalist and one other site was getting bombarded with disgusting stuff, and most likely working with THEY WHO SHALL NOT BE NAMED to get their ads taken down permanently.

  9. The message isn’t resonating like it used to. A lot of people were getting disillusioned about the fawning coverage of Obama when he was in office. Then it was fun to dump on Trump until the supposed scandals were proven to be manufactured fakes. Now people are being told lies while watching video of what is really happening.

    My favorite footage is still of a reporter claiming that the protests were “mostly peaceful” while a large building burns in the background. We’ve gone from “peaceful protests” to “mostly peaceful protests” to “property damage isn’t violence.” Internet news sites like Yahoo are still trying to push the party line, but anyone with a smart phone can (and usually do) take video of what is really happening.

    So yeah, Yahoo and similar sites disable their comments because they just don’t need another reminder that they are just pushing the party line. This is what the liberals now have to resort to; you can’t claim Joe Biden is mentally fine and then put him in public which would prove otherwise. Similarly, Yahoo can’t toe the party line and have public comments calling them out – there is enough of that already without permitting this on their own site.

  10. I pointed this out last fall and winter right here on IOTW.

    I was seeing the comments sections shut down one after another and the excuses were so flimsy that they alone made it clear that these comments sections were being shut down in advance of a major spring offensive.

    I didn’t know where the attack was going to take place until the COVID started up, but at that time pointed out that it was all to convenient that the comments had been shut down in advance of this propaganda offensive in order to protect the messengers and the message from dissent.

    It was so transparent that Stevie Wonder could have seen what was going on.

  11. The more the media and big tech keeps stifling free speech, the more support The Don gets. 😁

    We you love President Trump! 🇺🇸

  12. Stop reading Yahoo news and don’t buy anything from their sponsors. Seems simple and reasonable to me. I have Yahoo mail and that’s it. There’s another “conservative news” website who has sticky fingers on the delete button. I don’t leave any comments nor look at ads. Works both ways.

  13. I discovered this the other day, so I open up several articles a day and write “TRUMP2020TRUMP2020” until I am tired of pasting. I feel it is my duty to aggravate.

  14. Look at Yahoo Financial News. It is obvious to anyone, the writers hate Trump and would be thrilled with a financial disaster. When the stock market goes up, every effort is made to downplay it. When the market goes down, they rejoice. It’s like clockwork.

  15. I used to take a look at The Oregonian online every day. I used to take a look a My Northwest . Com every day. I told both I will not go to their sites any longer when they dropped the comments and I have not. I will look at links others send me about once a week, but I just walked away.

    I also used to forward links every day to. That doesn’t happen any more.

    Screw em’

  16. “Yahoo” says
    Our goal is to create a safe and engaging place for users to connect over interests and passions. In order to improve our community experience, we are temporarily suspending article commenting. In the meantime, we welcome your feedback to help us enhance the experience.

    They usually post stuff from HuffPo

    only reason I know is I have a free email with them

    BUT–the article on Adelle’s weight loss is allowed commenting

  17. Here in Augusta Ga. Our once locally own for 200+ years Newspaper was purchased by the Gate House / Gannett / USA-TODAY conglomerate Network.

    Almost immediately a lot of local staff were laid-off. The articles quickly became more and more Left Wing/Pro-Democrat Liberal. Then when they lost the Impeachment Smear and just as C-19V started…..

    We were presented with the following 1 morning:

    “Hello reader, our article commenting that you would normally see here is temporarily shut down.”

    Temporary has so far been 5+ months.

    NOTE: The middle class is largely Military retirees in this town. So it is obvious the Liberal leaning media change was not well accepted.


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