Yale Psychiatry Professor and Author of “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump,” has trouble with the truth – IOTW Report

Yale Psychiatry Professor and Author of “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump,” has trouble with the truth

BPR: A Yale psychiatry professor who claimed a Republican senator secretly met with her to discuss President Trump’s mental health admits she exaggerated her claims, and confessed the “meeting” with “accidental” and “incidental.”


“It wasn’t arranged in advance,” Dr. Bandy Lee confessed to the Weekly Standard. “It was accidental. It was incidental.”

Lee made headlines this week amid breathless media reports that she had met in December with a dozen Democratic members of Congress who are worried about President Trump’s mental health.

Lee claimed one of the lawmakers was a Republican senator, whom she refused to name. She claimed the exchange with the GOP senator took place in a Senate office building on December 5, but refused to say whether it occurred in a hallway, where tourists incidentally run into lawmakers.

“I won’t comment. I’m sorry,” Lee said.  MORE

21 Comments on Yale Psychiatry Professor and Author of “The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump,” has trouble with the truth

  1. And she’s met Trump how many times? I believe it’s way beyond professional guidelines to diagnose anyone remotely. I think most anyone doing this risks losing their ability to practise for life.

  2. She’s not even licensed to practice, only to consult. This airhead is about as dodgy as they come, just like the Democrats.

  3. Physician, heal thyself.

    “Before attempting to correct others, make sure that you aren’t guilty of the same faults.”

  4. My sister is a psychiatrist and says Trump is not mentally ill.
    Obama on the other hand and Hillary
    are raving loons.

    Everything he says or does is an indication of mental illness.

    “Trump goes up 2 steps at a time, then sometimes a single step. What does it all mean, our panel of experts will debate”

    “Yes, it’s an indication that Trump’s brain is not tracking properly, not concentrating on whether he is taking 2 or 1 steps at a time, he’s clearly not fit for office.”

  6. Making diagnoses about people she’s never interviewed is psychiatric malpractice. It’s also why nobody trusts shrinks anymore. Anybody with an ounce of sense knows that most of them are either sadistic hacks looking to either torment their patients for shits and giggles and cash or they’re b@tsh!t crazy themselves.

  7. I come to iotw for the articles but mainly for the comments because they make me laugh (except for the cussing) does that make me crazy? 🙂 remember I don’t need to lay on a couch and be interviewed at $100 per hour for you to decide. But just like these people–you can do it from a distance. LOL. Have a great day-stay sane and have faith in God. it will all be okay soon.

  8. $100/hr.? You must be getting a family and friends discount. These lunatics charge much more than that for their jibberish.

  9. We could confirm how crazy she is by asking her opinion of Yvette Felarca.

    If she says Yvette is fine you can dismiss anything from her past, present, and future.

    Would be the perfect rebuttal to anyone spewing crap about him being unstable. “Really? You think Trump is unstable and Yvette is isn’t?” (Makes quiet hand signal to the men in white coats standing nearby to capture said TDS sufferer and remove it from society for society’s protection.)

  10. I hope my President continues with his well-proven practice: if they hit you, you hit them back twice as hard.

  11. Figures. Yale Psychiatrist Leading Campaign Against Trump’s Mental State Is Far Left Hack Who Ranted Against His #MAGA Slogan

    In April 2017 Dr. Lee ranted against President Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan.
    Dr. Lee was completely oblivious to the necessity to change directions in this country and instead blamed Trump of having a nativist or xenophobic campaign.


  12. In this environment not even a rino Senator would be dumb enough to question Trump’s mental health with a Yale shrink that they met in a hallway by accident. Too be fair though maybe the poor woman simply misinterpreted the Senator when he/she said “hello” while walking past her. I mean she is a “Yalie” after all.

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