Yates Does Washington Two-Step In Front Of Senate Judiciary Committee

The Washington two-step is to claim victimhood and blame others all while never admitting any personal fault or responsibility, which is exactly what former acting Attorney General for the United States did in her testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee, yesterday.

With her left foot, Yates kicked James Comey under the bus, agreeing with committee members that the former head of the FBI had gone “rogue.” With her right foot she blamed the FBI for the criminally false FISA warrants on Carter Page that she signed off on twice without checking the applications first. More

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  1. They will pull what they can get away with. Until indictments start flying expect to see more of it. It’s just like spoiled brat kids, as soon as it is known that temper tantrums come at a huge cost… you get temper tantrums.

  2. “…Did Yates ask any probing questions? Apparently not. Her utter lack of curiosity was beyond inept; it was disgraceful…”

    I did not hear or read transcripts fro the hearing, but my question is that quote above, with the word “Republicans” replacing the word “Yates”. Specifically with regard to WHY she signed the phony FISA warrant.

    She should have been drilled, backed into a corner until she had no choice other than to admit that she knew the warrant application was bogus.

  3. I have NO doubt that she knew everything – or almost everything – that went on in that squalid mess. I have just two questions: 1) When these hideous beasts finally do cannibalize each other, do they do the victims the decency of killing them first; and, 2) What is their preferred method of cooking their victims?

  4. Graham didn’t disappoint, he was predictably sickening. He conducted himself like he was interviewing a starlette instead of a criminal.

  5. There’s more than her opinion about Comey on which to trip her up. She was also in on the confab at the WH; the one Susan Rice wrote her CYA memo about on Trump’s inaugural day. She sure wasn’t the smug, combative witness she was the last time she came before a committee.

    What’s up with Graham’s leading questions and putting words in her mouth? So transparent of him.

  6. Doing the ‘2 step’ seems to work.

    We were hoping AG Barr would kill the cycle of corruption, but….

  7. Senator Cruz: “Why did you sign off on investigating the Trump campaign?”

    Cunt: “We didn’t investigate the Trump campaign. We investigated Carter Page after he left the Trump campaign.”

    Senator Cruz: “Why did you investigate Carter Page?”

    Cunt: “Because we believed he had information relating to the Trump campaign’s contacts with Russia.”

    Senator Cruz: “So, you were investigating the Trump campaign.”

    Cunt: “No, we were investigating Carter Page.”

    Fuck these people. Goddamn It. Just fuck all democrats now and forever. And fuck the GOP for letting them get away with shit like this constantly.


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