Yellow Crazy Ants Invade Australian Town

Labeled “tramp ant” and among the 100 most invasive species, the yellow crazy ant has been identified in Lismore, New South Wales. They earned the moniker “crazy” for the darting movements they make. Yellow crazies don’t bite, they spray formic acid at their prey or foe that can blind and burn the skin. Known for joining colonies together, the yellow crazy ants can quickly form super colonies and will destroy local flora and fauna of the areas they invade. More

An ant fanatic in Canada did a video of joining two new yellow crazy ant colonies together. Watch

If you come across these yellow pest at your Memorial Day picnic this weekend, don’t just roast them with a magnifying glass, call an exterminator.

9 Comments on Yellow Crazy Ants Invade Australian Town

  1. Termidor to the Rescue, it’s the only thing I’ve found works when you’re that Screwed!

  2. Nothing like watching and Ant hill in Operation…

    Their bored out little hills in the stone pavement cracks is about a 1/8″ high… with tiny granules.

  3. My bug man tells me that THEY eat
    insulation on wires and anything
    else in your home.They can kill off
    fire ants,I didn’t think anything could
    do that.Bug man sez= we can keep them under
    control but we cannot eliminate them from
    your home…

  4. I hate ants, spiders , centipedes, wood roaches and most every bug that tries to invade my home seasonally.


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