Yemen At “Pre-Famine” Stage As Peace Negotiations Begin

With the opposing sides meeting today in Stockholm, there is hope that the Iranian backed Houthi movement and the Saudi supported Arab coalition will be able to broker an arrangement that will avoid the mass starvation of millions.

The Houthi want the major airport opened while the Arab coalition demand the main port be allowed to receive much needed relief shipments. Here 

Crisis experts at the UN are warning them to hurry it up before half the nation starves to death. More

5 Comments on Yemen At “Pre-Famine” Stage As Peace Negotiations Begin

  1. Why are we always the bad guys for not shipping them pallets of food & $$$, but nothing ever said(or done) about the fucked up governments of those countries (like the one over our southern border, for instance)that have put their citizens in this situation in the first place?
    Why does it always seem our job to cover everyone else’s shortcomings?
    Where does it say in the Constitution that we’re everyone’s, bank, hospital, food kitchen, and housing administrator?
    Isolationism – an idea whose time has come.


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