Yes, A Moron Has Paid For a Trump Death Clock in Times Square


A billboard in New York’s Times Square that displays a number its maker says reflects the fatalities caused by a delayed U.S. response to the coronavirus pandemic, has hit over 48,000 as of Tuesday.

Put in the heart of the city last week, the “Trump Death Clock” was the idea of filmmaker Eugene Jarecki, and is a nod to the billboard-sized National Debt Clock, which is also in New York.

Jarecki said the tally ticks up based on a formula that 60 percent of COVID-19 deaths would not have happened had the administration put in place social distancing and school closures a week earlier than it did—on March 9, instead of March 16.

On the Trump Death Clock website, reads the message that in January, the administration of President Donald Trump had been advised that “immediate action was required to stop the spread of COVID-19.”




“Fauci told us there’s nothing to worry about. That’s his quote, ‘There’s nothing to worry about.’”

Fauci did say twice in late January, when there was one reported covid-19 case in the U.S., that American shouldn’t worry about the virus. 

And this, Jan 28th —>

Jarecki is a mouth breathing moron –

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  1. :Takes giant bite of apple:


    :sprays apple pieces everywhere while talking:

  2. Will that ‘factor’ in the NYS Andy Cuomo Nursing homes deaths be accounted for? You know like an big huge asterisk in Times Square? Not ‘times’ but divided by deaths?

    I’m going to go down there and send @BFH pics.

    @Bad_Brad – someone from the Upper West Side with a pre-existing condition of TDS, that’s who!

  3. 44809. The number of babies killed in the USA in 19 days. An average abortion day kills about the same as the worst convid-1984 day on record.

    Toss on suicides & drug ODs caused by power hungry blue state governors pushing endless lockdowns and the number is truly staggering.

    The real killer disease is liberalism.

  4. Is there a death watch on this turkey wearing those nerd glasses? If not there should be. ECP, both you and I and most people know that abortion is their blood sacrament and they don’t give a damn about unborn babies but they suddenly care about people dying from Corona virus when it fits their political agenda which is to destroy America at any cost.

  5. How can we take a virus made, spread, and covered up by NON-WHITE communists (who never do anything wrong) and blame a white Western Capitalist for it?

    Left-wing, Blame America First!

  6. We get constant reports of how many people Cuomo and DeBlasio killed in nursing homes and in general throughout
    NY. As are those two, most of the dead were Socialists.
    I suppose some rich commie was jealous and wanted to post some numbers too.

  7. Because all of this nonsense is one big PsyOp to rid us of BadOrangeMan. For the last three and half years, I’ve been wondering how the marxist trash elite were going to to crash the economy before the election. We got our answer. I have to admit, it’s very creative.

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