Yes America, there is voter fraud. These recent cases prove it

Just The News: From Frank Sinatra’s hometown in Hoboken, N.J., to LA’s Skid Row, dozens of mail-in, absentee and ballot box fraud cases have emerged.

Many news media, political activists and social media giants have gotten on the bandwagon that voter fraud is fiction. It is not.

A review of court cases and recent indictments – including one this week in Philadelphia against a former congressman – finds there have been at least four dozen cases in criminal and civil court since the last presidential election in 2016 in which voter fraud has led to charges, convictions, lawsuits or plea deals.  

The schemes have ranged from old fashion ballot box stuffing to absentee and mail-in ballot fraud. more

6 Comments on Yes America, there is voter fraud. These recent cases prove it

  1. The democrat party has nothing but contempt for the consent of the governed. They go out of their way to rub our faces in their contempt.

  2. Did they have chink seeds in these envelopes? If so, don’t plant those fuckers or you’ll have Biden signs sprouting all over yer yard

  3. The lying Leftists who regularly bellow “we are a democracy”
    are the ones who have NO respect for legitimacy of an election.

  4. I don’t trust the ugly fat women at polling places holding onto the stacks of ballots like a happy meal. I know they wait until near the end to fill them out and stuff the box. I can see it in their eyes rolling back, adding up how many they need, when I ask for a republican ballot.

  5. My father in the last years of his life, and suffering from dementia, accidentally voted twice in 2008. I have no idea who “helped” him fill out the absentee ballots.

    An acquaintance (leftist) filled out the mail-in (Oregon) ballot for his blind mother . He said she wanted to vote for Bush, but he checked Obama. When I reacted, he said he was just kidding. Sure he was. These people have no morals or ethics.


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