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Yes, Democrats, Take Bernie’s Advice

The last twelve years have been rough on Democrats across the board in this country, but Bernie Sanders (VT-I) is taking heart from the recent UK elections and offering up advice on how Dems can run on a socialist platform and regain power.


It simply amazes me that a self-proclaimed socialist is offering up economic advice, or that anyone would listen.




12 Comments on Yes, Democrats, Take Bernie’s Advice

  1. oh Lordy! I hope oatmeal-drooling Bernie is running in 2020

    Run Bernie, Run!

  2. Sanders is a disgusting Marxist, self-proclaimed Socialist.

    You follow him, you are the enemy.

    We saw that today.

  3. Bernie needs to form a third party.
    Then Trump can kick two asses at once

  4. I don’t think he’ll make it to 2020, but go big B!

  5. Too bad the corrupt primary fix was in for HRC.
    I would have loved Bernie to be nominee so Trump could demolish him onstage.

    By 2020 Bernie will be in a wheelchair. Or in Cuba, having fled Extradition.

  6. … for all those that think Comrade Bernie won’t make it to 202
    remember ….. totalitarians have no problem digging up corpses to run for ‘election’

  7. Bernie’s schtick is class envy – let’s demonize the so-called 1% to get votes and turn the US into Venezuela. His delusional scheme is to tax the bejesus out of the “rich” (of which Bernie is now one) and give everyone freebies. But from the perspective of a middle class schlub, let’s see what I already have.

    I live in a nation which has the highest standard of living in teh world, and perhaps in history. I have a house, with electricity, gas, heat, air conditioning and indoor plumbing. I have more than one television, computers and internet access. I have a cell phone. I have a car, I have clothing, and I have enough food that I have to worry about being overweight. I travel on paved roads, I can fly virtually anywhere in the world, and I have good healthcare. If I don’t like where I live, I can move. I can observe holidays, I can take a vacation, and I can worship as I see fit. And, I wish to again mention this, I do this as nothing more than a middle class person.

    Bernie’s “free shit” comes at a price, which Bernie is careful not to disclose. But that price is giving up freedom, and I’m not willing to trade what I have already earned, which is actually a lot in the grand scheme of things, to fall for Bernie’s “trust me, I’m the government and I’m here to help.”

  8. Just wait, the next election is going to continue
    the slaughter of those goddamn communists.

  9. @AnonyMous:

    “Delusion is incurable.”

    I beg to differ sir/ma’am, as a certain ‘berniebot’ found out today that there are *a number of shots* available.

    Unfortunately, we’ve not been informed of exactly which caliber is necessary for the cure, but I’m thinking
    .45×3 just might do the trick, if given in the ‘critical mass’ area.

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