Yes, Fauci Lied

NIH Acknowledges Wuhan Gain-of-Function and Other Grant Violations | Yes, Fauci Lied.

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  1. Fauci’s head in that first clip where Rand triggers him is a sight to behold. It goes through some gyrations that I can only describe as “angry Italian black woman”. I think some of the little goblin’s demon flashed to the surface there.

    And “humanized mice”…Didn’t Walt Disney build an empire on that? Now we find out Fauci is torturing Pluto and Goofy to death with parasitic fleas or something. This world, I swear…

  2. 17 months to basically confirm what everyone suspected in 30 days and Fauci himself knew within 2 days.

    …and they wonder why no one trusts the media & government.

  3. Fauci will alter his story, the media will gloss over said story and we, the people who are watching this cluster f**k will be ignored. Come on Rand Paul, hit him where it hurts.

  4. If we could turn liberal lies into electrical energy…..the entire planet would never again have to pay for a bill from the power company.

  5. If Democrats want to ignore history and take us down the road to communism, I see no reason why we can’t take a trip down memory lane ourselves.

    Are you now, or have you ever been, a member of the Democrat party?

  6. Maybe after Trump is back in the white house at the end of the short civil war started by the Democrats the little Dr. Will have to give an answer for his actions and lies.

  7. I was never a member of the democrap party but I voted democrap until 1984 when I had an epiphany that the democraps were not the party of the little guy. It also helped that I quit believing all the bs that I was taught in college and quit paying any attention to the lamestream media. And being a veteran at the age of 22 after serving in the Navy and seeing the world outside of the US borders and up close in SE Asia and beyond helped me to be conservative as well even if I didn’t know it at the time. It took about 10 years but I came around to what I had believed in the first place and have never regretted the change to becoming more openly conservative. FJB/LGB?PDQ!


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