Yes, George Soros Sent Money to Fund the Riots—and So Did Taxpayers

PJM: Ever since the protests turned to riots over the death of George Floyd in police custody in Minneapolis, rumors have flown that George Soros and his Open Society Foundation had to be involved. After all, OSF funded Black Lives Matter in 2015. It didn’t take long to reveal the financial ties to current riots and to show that OSF and George Soros directly support the movement today. Particularly infuriating are the taxpayer-funded grants received in conjunction with the Soros funding.

Daniel Bice of the Milwaukie Journal-Sentinel reports that a group called Freedom, Inc. has received grants from the Wisconsin Department of Justice:

The Madison-based nonprofit has advocated for the release of all African Americans from jail and the defunding of police departments. As for the current protests, the group’s leaders say “all actions against racist state violence are justified.”

“Stop murdering black people, and your glass will be safe,” Monica Adams, co-executive director for Freedom Inc., said while leading the third day of police protests in the state’s capital on Monday.

“Thank all the youth freedom fighters who were in the streets fighting (Sunday) night and Saturday night,” said Mahnker Dahnweih, community power-building coordinator for Freedom Inc. “Every action is a contribution to liberation.”

So where does a group like this get the money it needs to promote its agenda?

A lot of it comes from you. more

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  1. The time is fast approaching when Soros and his sons need to be shed of this mortal coil. Perhaps we can be favored with a horrible car crash, an unsuccessful private jet flight, a bad order of mushrooms or a long rifle accident.

  2. Georgie Boy is the scum of the earth, turns his own people over to the Nazi’s during World War II. 😈

    Don’t even get me started on how our tax dollars are spent, the laundry list is too long. 🤬

  3. Much easier to list what the taxpayers haven’t funded than what they have funded! Oh right, they haven’t funded me! Only thing I can think of!

  4. If Infantifa was declared a terrorist organization, and Soros is funding it, WHY THE F*** isn’t he being scooped up into a Black Hawk by a SEAL team and taken to Gitmo?

  5. So people don’t have any cares about going out into protests, burnings, looting, a riotings…….

    I thought protests were deemed illegal by our governments because of Covid-1984……and that people couldn’t even go to work for fears of spreading Covid-1984…..

    If you can go out to protest, burn, loot, and riot……YOU CAN DAMN SURE GO OUT AND WORK…..

    PLEASE……cut off the state unemployment and federal unemployment for those arrested for burning, looting, and rioting in our cities….

    All Lives Matter.

  6. Precisely why Ronny wanted to close all loopholes and have a Flat Tax at 20%

    DISCLAIMER – Loophole is a derisive conservative name. Liberals/progressives say “exclusions + deductions”.

    I am conservative, and biased in favor of Rony.

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