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Yes, Joe, Terminating Your Presidency Would Save Lives

I shouldn’t laugh at the old fraud, but he continually brings it on himself. Here

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  1. Yes! Abort him! But imagine the consternation of the abortionist when he jabs his scissors into Joey’s skull and sticks in the hose to suck out Joey’s brains and finds nothing there!

    (Apologies to the squeamish but we ought to be reminded from time to time just how barbaric and violent abortion methods are.)

  2. Uncle Al
    JULY 9, 2022 AT 4:14 PM

    …to your point, as I’ve said many times before, never go after a Democrat’s head, it’s not the end they think with.

  3. See Joey ride his bike.
    See Joey fall down.
    See Joey grope.
    See Joey diddle Ashley.
    See Joey lie.
    See Joey read “Pregnancy”.
    See Joey F-Up and say “Presidency”.
    See Joey shit his knickers and go the the beach.

  4. I imagine that 90% of the American voting public would gladly travel to Indiana or any other state that they had to in order to terminate his presidency.

    On a slightly off topic, but related question. This whole story about a 10 year old rape victim needing an abortion has me wondering. Does a 10 year old, who is pre-pubescent, even ovulate in order to be able to conceive? Someone help me out here with some biological facts, cuz I’m smelling bullshit here, and I haven’t heard anyone ask that question.

  5. It’s bullshit. Done and done.

    Now, lets just get rid of the administration. Court rulings in Wisconsin prove Trump won. With just wisconsin he becomes legit.

    So…..fuck these usurpers and jail them all.

  6. The only research he needed was to see no shiner had ever been submitted before.

    instant record

  7. Of course slowjoe believes the story. He dreams he does it every night. And he probably DID do it sometime in his life.

  8. Tragically, 10 year olds can and have been raped – but how many 10 year olds could conceive and require an abortion?

    Where is the criminal report? What hospital was she brought to initially? How did they determine if she was pregnant?

    Why do so many people fall these bee ess stories?

    I love Kameltoes shaking her head thinking (if she thinks at all) can you believe this moron spewing this nonsense

  9. Dopey Joe has no “presidency” to abort: he’s a filthy, traitorous, pedophilic usurping placeholder.
    Worse is yet to come – unless we arrest this descent into madness.

    mortem tyrannis
    izlamo delenda est …

  10. The truth is, Joe Biden is the smartest, clearest-thinking, most lucid, well-spoken democrat there is.

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