‘Yes, People Are Getting a Little More in Their Paychecks’, says Pelosi

(CNSNews.com) – House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was pressed by two reporters at an event in San Francisco on Wednesday to address the fact that many Americans are beginning to believe that the tax cut law that President Donald Trump signed n December has turned out to be a good deal for them.

“Yes,” she admitted at one point, “people are getting a little more in their paychecks.”

In fact, Pelosi twice admitted during the event that the tax-cut law was in fact a tax but, but then she lamented what she described as cuts in federal entitlement programs and increasing in the federal debt.

According to a transcript of the event published by Pelosi’s office, A reporter from KCBS radio asked her: “This tax bill–working people are getting more money in their paychecks–what’s wrong with that?”

“Thank you for that question,” she said. “As I said, we recognize that some people are getting a little bit more. But there is a banquet out there for the high-end and that’s just not right. While they are getting a little bit more, they are getting things taken away and that’s what we will see. They put this little goodie in there for people to say, ‘This is the greatest thing’, but at the same time, they took away things.  MORE

12 Comments on ‘Yes, People Are Getting a Little More in Their Paychecks’, says Pelosi

  1. “This is the greatest thing’, but at the same time, they took away things.”

    That’s right Nancy, they took away the overburdening, crushingly heavy tax burden of the democrap party.

  2. She sees a banquet out there being denied to us little people.

    No, Nan. That banquet you see is how you made your gazillions. We don’t get to steal from our fellow taxpayers like you do.

    I will be happy when your banquet turns to shit because my President is turning off your gold mine. Sucks to be you.

  3. “Now this is about San Francisco and all over our state–it will lose tens of billions of dollars because of the loss of the SALT deductions.”

    “…there are tens of millions of dollars being spent by the Republicans to mischaracterize what this tax bill is…”

    Two completely bullshit statements she’ll never get challenged on but will be repeated ad nauseam by her low intelligence followers.

  4. That nightmarish “it’s all about my bouncy hairdo” renders bad dreams every time I see it.
    And 80 yr old woman with a young girl’s bob cut is highly inappropriate.

  5. All those “crumbs” add up for peeps like Nancy, who have profited so much from the public’s resources. It has really got her pissed-off that some of “̶t̶h̶o̶s̶e̶ ̶c̶r̶u̶m̶b̶s̶”̶ her crumbs, are going back to the taxpayers!


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