Yes, Pete Buttigieg Is Being Funded by 40 Billionaire Donors


During NBC News’s 2020 Democrat debate on Wednesday, Pete Buttigieg and Bernie Sanders sparred about the number of billionaires funding the former mayor’s presidential primary campaign.

“My campaign is fueled by hundreds of thousands of contributors,” Buttigieg said.

“Including 46 billionaires,” Sanders said in response before Buttigieg reiterated “Among the hundreds of thousands of contributors.”more

7 Comments on Yes, Pete Buttigieg Is Being Funded by 40 Billionaire Donors

  1. My guess is that lots of billionaires donate to political causes. Some of them probably donate to multiple candidates. I think Trump has, over the years, and to different parties. So this may be meaningless, perhaps the others have similar support from the super-wealthy. Or maybe Pete does carry some unique cachet with the rich.

  2. Petey B is just RAKING in the cash right now. OMG. Last week we went out for drinks and dick until we had our fill!

  3. I saw some graphic earlier showing Saint Pete the Pious had a net worth of around $100k. So a billionaire could by him for pretty cheap.

    An Applebee’s gift card and a satin pillow case.


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