Yes, Virginia, there is a Black gubernatorial candidate

Breitbart: Virginia Democrat gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam’s campaign became ensconced in controversy this week as the Northam campaign printed fliers that excluded a picture of African American running mate Justin Fairfax. The Virginia Democrat party previously excluded Fairfax from speaking at its state convention in 2016.


The Northam campaign created a Fairfax-free flier for the Democrat-leaning Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA) that removes any reference to the lieutenant gubernatorial candidate Justin Fairfax because the union endorsed Ralph Northam but not Justin Fairfax.

The general counsel of the LIUNA Mid-Atlantic Region Organizing Coalition Brian Petruska argued that Fairfax did not complete its questionnaire and “wasn’t supporting us on the issues.”  read more

5 Comments on Yes, Virginia, there is a Black gubernatorial candidate

  1. just ignore the Negro … he’s just there for window dressing

    we democRats really, really …. Really care about ‘diversity’

    “… as a pediatrician, I didn’t care if my patient was a republican or a democrat” ….. what?

  2. Just to be clear, Fairfax is the Lt Gov candidate and Northam is running for Gov.

    The real negro-in-chief is coming to Richmond to campaign with Northam tomorrow. I suspect Obama will throw Molotov cocktails tomorrow. Hopefully northam’s hay bail eyebrows will not be torched.

  3. In Vagina, it’s not a traditional shared ticket anyway, but the double standard here doesn’t surprise me.

    More important to me is…that northam is just an odd, weird dude that reminds me of Henry Lee Lucas.

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