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  1. There’s a metaphor here. Yep, it’s right there. A metaphor. I, ah, well . . . hmmmmm. By the way, what’s that cream colored thing in the photo with all the buttons?

  2. My standard technique is to stay on the line just long enough to get to the point where I can reasonably say, “OK, I’ll buy that. Hold on while I get my credit card.”

    Then I just put the phone down and go back to whatever I was doing before the call. I figure this is a triple winner. The telemarketing creep gets pissed off, I get not-so-guilty satisfaction for doing that, and finally the time he spends on my line is time not spent annoying somebody else. You’re all welcome.

  3. I definitely have a landline for the business. Would not let AT&T switch me over to a dish system. Bad weather happens, ya know.

    When all else fails – the landline is working.

    In the meantime – it’s forwarded to my cell phone 99.999% of the time.

    The DSL on it hasn’t failed yet, either.

  4. I used to do that, but since the do-not-call list has been around, it is rare to get a telemarketer. I used to ask very personal questions when dealing with female ones. It was fun playing the creepy old pervert.

  5. I must say….I don’t get tele’s on my cell. The reason(s) I have a landline….is for background checks….and if i got a problem at the ranch

  6. Scenario: Our teenage daughter BBsitting for her little brother. Telemarketer phones. She was well aware of the fun her dad would have with them until they hung up on him. She decides to have fun. She puts on a little girl voice, tells the TM that her mommy died and her daddy left about last week, and that she was taking care of her brothers. She was “8 years old.” When we came home she was still laughing hysterically about what she did. Told us, we cracked up until I realized we might be visited by child welfare. However, that was back in the day when addresses weren’t found via phone numbers. She really had the person on the other end pretty frantic judging by the questions they asked her.

    One of the best ones I can remember DH doing was getting all kinds of estimates for aluminum siding. About a half hour into the call, DH asked if this could be put over brick exterior.

  7. “…asked if this could be put over brick exterior.”

    The answer is yes. Sometimes the brick doesn’t look so good any more.

    Done it more than once. You attach lathing to the brick vertically about every 16 inches to have something to nail to.

    A pro siding salesman wouldn’t miss a beat with that question.

  8. The guy hung up. By that time the guy realized DH was being a smart-a. We no more wanted siding then we wanted someone cold calling us to buy siding.

    However, I didn’t know that it could be done. Interesting. I learn soething here every day. 🙂 TY Dadof4.

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