Yoga Kills

Charlottesville woman died from rabies after dog bite during yoga retreat in India.

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  1. I would include all of Asia. I’d starve to death there. I love Thai food, but probably not real Thai food.

  2. @Merry Poppet.

    Nope. No yoga in Charlottesville. Just confederate monuments and murderous neo nazis. That’s it.

  3. More like… “Pretentious dumbass dies from utter cluelessness.”

    If you get bitten by a stray dog, then you get a goddamn rabies series if you can’t prove the dog isn’t infected. That used to be common fucking sense. But, of course, we are regressing as a species; so…

    And, the woman was in her 60s. She’s older than me. She managed to go her entire life not knowing that if you get bit by a goddamn dog in a turd world shithole, then you get checked out for rabies? Or, better yet, you get a rabies series before going to a turd world shithole.

  4. Saw an advert the other day for the Maharishi Mahesh’s Transcendental Meditation. The old bastard is still pushing it. I paid $75 to learn that nonsense back in 1968 and it didn’t do squat for me. They gave me 3 “secret” words to say over and over to myself while eyes closed in the lotus position. A nothing burger. That’s when the Age of Aquarius started to die, at least for me.

    All this attraction for eastern mysticism has made, and is still making certain dark-skinned men in white robes very wealthy.

  5. The British discoverer of King Tut’s tomb was shaving himself in Egypt in 1923 and suffered a shaving cut. It got infected and he died. King Tut’s Curse started with that. The Bloody Third World (Chrissie Hinds sang that) is still a shithole. Don’t need to go to it, and don’t need it coming here either.

  6. I’ve been to India a few times for work. People ask, how was it? My response: if the World had a basement, and the basement had a dark, stinky corner where the sump pump didn’t work, that would be India. Everywhere you go, you can’t avoid the smell of smoke, body odor, and excrement all co-mingling into one unpleasant mess.

  7. A grossly overpopulated slum of a country where disease rampages through the population of both people and animals. Dog, snake and monkey bites are common and deadly as the “spiritual” moron found out the hard way. You’d think at her age she’d have used more common sense while traveling a primitive country but then again she was probably a Obama voter.


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