‘You are absolute human filth!’ Bongino slams celebrities posting bail for rioters

You are absolute human filth, and the dregs of society in your Beverly Hills mansions, you beasts, while you sit up there and do that while America is burning to the ground.”

14 Comments on ‘You are absolute human filth!’ Bongino slams celebrities posting bail for rioters

  1. It’s way past the time that we should boycott anything that comes out of hollyweird. Just don’t watch any of their crap or pay any attention to these whore seekers and the filth they produce. And don’t patronize Disneyland, Disney World or any other major theme parks anymore. Bleed em dry by non support of anything and everything that they say or do. Like the old John Prine song it’s time to blow up the TV, throw away the paper, move to the country and build yourself a home and try to find Jesus on your own. Who knew John was a prophet since he was being satirical, good stuff Maynard.

  2. Yesterday Rush broadcast one of the stupidest things he’s ever done. He went on the radio show “breakfast club” with that jackassed bigot Charlamagne da God.
    It was sickening that he validated their radical views and support for the rioters.
    It must be the drugs.

  3. geoff the aardvark,

    I wonder how many people here and across the “conservative” spectrum still subscribe to Netflix and the other streaming services that represent Hollywood and the left?

    IMO, Either the Left side of the country is growing or the right side is hypocritical in their criticism since those services are growing by leaps and bounds instead of going out of business.

  4. I’ve already been boycotting them for years. Can’t remember the last time I paid to see a movie. Don’t have cable and don’t watch TV “news.” I dropped Netflix years ago as well.

    Antifa is the left’s ground troops. Democrats support terrorism against American citizens – usually the most vulnerable Americans.

  5. Gladys,

    “. . . – usually the most vulnerable Americans”

    Yea, the vulnerable Seniors with Banking of Americas accounts with just enough money to not afford any protection, but rather, just enough to support a real SUCKING STREAM of money grubbing stream suckers.

    BoA Decades of Suckage.

    Ask Barnicles wife.

  6. a very good alternative to netflix, is free streaming sytes.
    I have been using lookmovie.ag for almost a decade. Movies & tv.

    …………but, most scripts, movies, tv comes outta pedowood

  7. Rather then paying lip service, declare these communists as what they are, domestic terrorists. Then start arresting their Commiewood supporters.
    It ain’t hard, somebody just needs to grow a set of balls.

  8. Most of these Beverly Hills denizens are self-absorbed, bubbling vats of Narcissism and Hypocrisy with two legs glistening with flop-sweat that they will be discovered for what they truly are: Fart-cupping, finger-smelling, Obama-voting shit-stains who can’t wind a watch without a personal assistant, personal trainer, house-keepers, chauffeurs, accountants, consultants and psychiatrists, living messy lives traipsing through the revolving doors of divorce courts, bankruptcy courts, custody courts, criminal courts and rehab centers with their White neighbors and friends in exclusive neighborhoods endorsing mindless shit from Planet Vacuous about 57 genders, preferred pronouns, what bathroom to use and Liberal “men” fighting to see a gynecologist, who then turn around and preach to the average, hard-working, Church-going, over-taxed payer how to live, what to eat, how to raise their kids, what kind of energy we need, what kind of electric clown-car to drive and of course:

  9. Gin Blossom, I absolutely agree with your comment. First time I’ve ever shut him off mid-broadcast out of disgust.

  10. I disagree. Rush made an very important point in that broadcast of the Blackfest Club. There is no way in hell that a whole lot of us are ever going to see things eye to eye. Never! Period!

  11. People used to go to movies for entertainment, now days if you go it’s to get a lecture.

  12. Added this latest batch to my boycott list. It is a whole page (two columns) of Leftist scum who are not fellow Americans and the companies/industries that support them. It is pathetic that Taylor Swift had to join this pack of shit-weasels, but she made her choice.


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