“You are eating the Lord’s waffle fries! “

Never cuss at grandma’s house, church, or inside a Chick Fil-A.

[h/t Merry Poppet]

13 Comments on “You are eating the Lord’s waffle fries! “

  1. Oh, come on! Chick Fil-A employees WORKING in Heaven? That just ain’t right. God wouldn’t do that to them. He would be having YOU serve THEM!!!

  2. Well, unfortunately the Lord’s waffle fried (actually, all fries) are off limits to me.


  3. Sorry folks I can’t comment on Chick Fil’A because I am that rare person who is allergic to chicken (all my life) and can’t eat the white meat (hives and blisters).

    So I am clueless when someone says tastes like chicken (Good shakes though).

    I wouldn’t cuss in a McDonalds either.


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