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  1. Claudia, these are some of your best!
    The cat in the Abercrombie bag cracked me up.
    And I was still laughing at the elephants when I saw the nine-legged seagull. Too funny!
    Great job. That makes my morning.

  2. I came upon a Killdeer parent this spring who was covering it’s brood in that fashion. While tolerant of human presence near their nest, they will go on red alert if you get too close. However, they don’t view a vehicle as an immediate threat. I got close enough to see this because I was driving in my truck near the back of the facility where I work. They are such funny critters. I told folks about it and referred to it as the “Ten-Legged Killdeer.”

  3. Thank you for making my day and for reminding me that the world — even as we go to hell in a hand basket — is a beautiful place!

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