‘You Can Take Your Mask Mandate And Shove It Right Up Your Ass’: Dan Bongino Vows To Defy Mask Order

Daily Caller:

Conservative radio host Dan Bongino vowed to defy officials who passed a mandatory mask order this week in his county of residence.

“You can take your mask mandate and shove it right up your ass,” Bongino said Wednesday on “The Dan Bongino Show,” a shot across the bow to Martin County, Florida commissioners who voted 5-0 to pass the ordinance after a lengthy Tuesday meeting that saw most residents in attendance opposing the mandate.

“They have no authority to do this,” the former policeman and Secret Service agent said. “These people are just fabricating new tyrannical powers drunk on their own power.”

Bongino clarified his position by stating that he is not “anti-mask” per se and is willing to abide by the wishes of private businesses and individuals who ask for mask usage in their own spaces, but took issue with the government mandating something that adults should be able to work out on their own. more here

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  1. It’s not just the mask’s the Democrat’s can shove up their ass. They can shove their shutdown, tearing down of statues, their Marxist Anti-American BS, and ripping Trump 24/7 etc..up their arse too. We can only hope and pray that happens in November.

  2. Austin just passed unanimously a $2,000 fine for not following health orders including the mask and Abbott blessed it publicly. Abbott has done a 180 since May when they threw the Dallas salon owner in jail. I can only assume he is trying to go along with mayor Adler to keep him from completely shutting down. Complete BS and seemingly never ending.

  3. Dan has the chops to challenge the constitutionality of the directive. My bet is they back off. First it’s unconstitutional and secondly they are guided by bad information.

  4. I am about ready to go nuckin futs over all this wu flu bs. Since I was in the hospital at the end of April for surgery on my foot I have basically been confined to my house and occasionally get out to go grocery shopping or run a few errands, thank God that I can drive myself around. I am so tired of not being able to do much of anything or go anywhere or be told that I have to wear a damned mask every time I’m out in public. I am so over all this solitary confinement with little contact with the outside world and want everything to get back to normal ASAP. I never want to go thru another media induced panic like this ever again. Bring back America the way it used to be and quit screwing with us telling us what we can do and what we can’t do. I’m about to go full William Wallace and yell FREEDOM at the top of my lungs.

  5. We have a mandatory mask order while in indoor public places.
    I do not wear a mask,have had no problem as have many others in bucking this trend.
    I did get asked to put one on while i visited the local LCBO today,i gave in,Crown Royal is important!
    But Subway system,local grocers etc,half the people are not wearing them.

  6. The chinese flu is so damn deadly, you need to get a test to see if you have it and a media to tell you about everyone else that has it.

    Also, why is it that they are mandating masks because a single molecule can infect another person, yet when the test is administered they need to shuv a cotton swab 6 inches up your nose? Shouldn’t you just be able to breathe on something?

  7. Maine has had 2 deaths in the past 2 weeks. One woman in her 80’s and a man in his 90’s.
    When you take out nursing homes we have had 2 deaths per 100,000. And not all of those was from covid. They were with covid.
    Yet, in her infinite quest for a kingdom, Queen Mills has told everyone they must wear masks everywhere. She even has a form online to snitch not only on business but on individuals who don’t abide by her dictate.
    These Dems are determined to keep their fiefdoms and ruin Republicans and Trump.
    Sadly, the Maine GOP has been silent.

  8. Defying the public mask orders is easy. And should be done as these orders are unconstitutional and these local officials have absolutely no authority to dictate the crap.

    The problem comes in with private businesses. Private businesses can require that you wear shoes. Wear shirts. Even (fancy restaurants) wear jackets. Check bags. And wear masks.

    The supermarkets, other stores and businesses aren’t willing to incur legal hassles, multiple counts of violations and fines. Until enough people stop patronizing them unless they stop the mask requirement, those against it are screwed.

  9. P.S. I absolutely will not shove a non-sterile bacteria-laden (yes) piece of material up against my face to force me to rebreathe in again and again microscopic vermin and CO2. Ever. Anywhere.

  10. @Smudge – I have an N95, several of them, and that was before the Chinese supplied Plandemic. Same thing with the TP, we were prepared…

    A) I have two versions, one with an aerator on it (kinda reminds me of an attic vent) and one that does not have it, and…
    B) They are VERY uncomfortable to wear ,full on rubber bands and all, and…
    C) They don’t work! The micron size of a Whuflu particle is smaller than the filtration system opening.

    That said? They do filter out any type of smell, as when you might work into any given store and there is a smell, maybe even perfumed air?? OR a deli?

    Can’t smell a thing.

  11. My Ohio county went under a mandatory mask (indoor) order today. Mike Boxwine has his own color coded emergency scale now. We’re red. If we go purple they round us all up for soylent green.

  12. They ‘flattened the curve’ with their shutdowns and stay-at-home’s and now kids and middle-aged people are getting it (naturally – what the fuck did you think was going to happen when the shut-downs ended?) and now they think they can stop the virus.

    Why aren’t the medical professionals in each state telling their Director’s of Public Health and/or Governors that THE VIRUS CAN NOT BE STOPPED?

    In fact, it’s not even a good idea to try. What we want is the fastest route to ‘herd immunity’ to protect the very people who are most at risk.

    It turns out that the virus can be treated. But no one wants to talk about that. COVID adversely affects people who are low in Vitamin’s D and C and with Zinc-deprived immune systems. Cytokine storms are easily prevented with steroids. Several anti-virals are available. Low level oxygen support is helps people long before they’re sick enough to require a ventilator…

    They’ve done everything wrong: closed the schools, closed the parks, closed the beaches, closed the churches, prohibited people from fishing in their boats, shut-down businesses they deemed “non-essential” (where does it say THAT in state constitutions, huh?!), encouraged people to shut themselves inside when just the opposite was medically indicated for good health, etc.

    And it’s well known that wearing masks for hours on end is a VERY BAD IDEA. When it started, the CDC correctly said “Don’t bother with masks. They don’t work.” Now, they admit they’re grasping at straws with “They might help a little! It shows you care.”

    All these people across the country need to be fired. Start with Fauci and work your way to the States, counties and cities.

  13. @flip are you in Dayton area? That lady is the worst! I live in Ohio too and so tired of DeRino!

  14. @PHenry – could you let me know if the Patrick Henry Homestead is open? NOT yours the REAL one!

    We are taking a major road trip and was wondering if it might be? I have been wanting to go there for a VERY long time. We got close once but it was closed. :>(

    Not sure if it’s in the cards this time, with timing and all, but it would be good to know.

    We are thinking of staying in Staunton, there is a church with Tiffany stained glass there. But that could change if the Homestead is open?

    We have been to Monticello and Poplar Forest so those are covered!

    Though we have never been to James Monroes’ Place. Stayed close to there once, just never took the tour.


  15. @ghost. Not sure. Let me get back to you.
    My daily travels for work take me north to Spotsylvania county. But I will certainly be traveling by this weekend.

    Add to your itinerary, if you can, Spotsylvania Courthouse confederate cemetery and the battlefield. Best preserved of all battlefields. It’s huge. Without encroachment from suburban sprawl.

  16. @ghost. Not sure. Let me get back to you.
    My daily travels for work take me north to Spotsylvania county. But I will certainly be traveling by this weekend.

    Add to your itinerary, if you can, Spotsylvania Courthouse confederate cemetery and the battlefield. Best preserved of all battlefields. It’s huge. Without encroachment from suburban sprawl.

    I will send an email to MJA and Fur that they can forward to you by Saturday.

  17. Phuck each and everyone of them.

    We are being challenged, our push-back is more important than ever.

  18. @PHenry – Thanks!

    IF we stayed in that area, what is a good solid town, not too populated, to stay at??

    What about going to Appomattox CH?! Never been to that one, but again always have wanted to.

    Keep in mind our trip is with me and Mary Hatch, but we also have a mini crew of two young (great) teenagers as well so we are looking for, when it comes to history, and time on the road, the best bang for the buck….uh, sorta to say…

  19. Mask orders are for one reason only.

    To make you show that you care.

    And once again, no pushback whatsoever from those mf’ing republicans in congress or on the bench.

    If republicans tried something like this, the thugs would be rioting in the streets, the dems in congress would be having a sit in, and they would have no problem whatsoever finding a judge to squelch the order before it ever took effect.

    The republican party is not going to save you or me from anything.

  20. My kids are going to have to wear one when school starts next month and I’m so ticked— but they all really want to go back to school bc they haven’t played with anyone since March. Other than this mask mandate I really do love the school and they really don’t enjoy homeschool, we’ve done it for real before. So I did some research finally on kids masks. If you do a specific search on amazon for a mask That prevents virus Exposure none do. They prevent dust and pollen. Not bacteria or viruses. It’s a band aid in a nonexistent cut. But at least the Karen’s will feel better. And I’m so sick of being lectured to on Facebook about how I need to think about others. At this point o don’t think they really need to know what I think about others.

  21. Yeah, it’s unbelievable that we don’t have a leader…..outside of Trump.

    It’s as though we’ve thrown ALL our eggs into one basket….not smart.

    I’m not a leader but the position is WIDE open.

  22. I wore a mask (had to) on 3 occasions and became sick from it. Never did it again after that. Even if a store ‘suggested’ it.

    I go to my doctor next week. I’m going to ask for an excuse note so I don’t have to wear one, for medical reasons. (in case someone calls the cops while I’m outside) I’m not going to suffer dizziness, nausea and chest discomfort, added to what I already have naturally, just so some city council asshole or a mayor or a governor can wave their scepter like a royal.

    And if anyone says to you, ‘even the rioters are wearing masks!’ Tell them that’s so they can’t be identified. And then tell them they’re stupid for not thinking before they opened their fool mouth.

  23. @Ghost. Wait a minute. Patrick Henry lived at Scotchtown In Hanover a County in his early years, and as governor, but retired to Red Hill in western Va. I live near Scotchtown. Which place are you talking about?

  24. @MJA ~ someone (apologies for not remembering who) posted a very good business card for printing (you may have to resize it for your printer; 3.5w x 2h inches), a week or so ago, that stated that the bearer had an ADA exemption from wearing a face mask & that if the recipient didn’t comply they could be fined for violating your ADA rights & it had the ADA 800 number on it w/ a Justice Department seal … brilliant really … sorry, I don’t remember the date of posting … he did it twice, that I know of

    I actually used one of mine on Tuesday when I had a follow-up at my dr’s. the first visit I wasn’t wearing my face diaper ‘properly’ & the admitting Nazi told me to pull my face diaper up over my mouth & nose … a ‘discussion’ ensued.

    when I came in for the follow-up, the admissions Nazi quipped (after she took my temperature & gave me the admitting form), “oh yes, the person w/ the mask issue” … I promptly pulled out the card (that I laminated to make it look more offical), threw it down on her table, walked on by & yelled back “well, bless your heart. have a nice day” … I’m sure she now hates me …. I can live w/ that

  25. @ghost.
    I’ve never been to Red Hill. As for Scotchtown, the closest lodging is in Ashland, but it’s mostly low end chain motels, as it serves the I95 corridor. Not awful. But not compelling either.

    Western Henrico is nicer. Short Pump.
    Sorry I couldn’t be of more assistance.

  26. @PHenry – You have been more than an assistance than ya know. And not just this thread…

    Maybe we should go back to the Harpers Ferry area, that was something else, that history and that train trestle bridge goin’ through there.

    Thanks again PH, have a GREAT night, what’s left of it.

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