You can’t do this in Sardinia

KFI: Couple Faces Up To Six Years In Jail For Stealing Sand From Italian Beach

A French couple is facing up to six years in jail after Italian authorities accused them of stealing sand from the picturesque beaches of Sardinia. The couple told authorities they did not realize they had broken the law by filling plastic bottles with the white sand.

Officials noticed the stolen sand in the couple’s car during a routine check while they were waiting for a ferry. They discovered 14 bottles that were filled with 88 pounds of sand. The couple was charged with aggravated theft and faces a fine of $3,300 and up to six years behind bars. Officials do not believe the couple’s claim they were unaware of the law, pointing out various signs posted in multiple languages that advise tourists the sand must stay on the beach.

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  1. A cup or two I’d say ok, but these idiots (probably Progs) felt they were entitled to grab almost 90 pounds of the stuff to haul back to France so they could sell it online to pay for their trip & also make a profit. Yes I’d call that Grand Theft as well.

  2. What a couple of idiots. 88 pounds? that amount doesn’t represent a memento of their trip so they must have a more nefarious reason for it. Why didn’t they just buy a bag at the french home depot when they get home and say it came from there. It’s not like they’d be troubled by the deception.

  3. C’mon.

    It’s fuckin sand, for pity’s sake.

    I’ll trade the wops 88# of MO dirt (rocks) and they can let the frogs go back to frogland and permanently ban them.

    Italy has greater problems.

    izlamo delenda est …

  4. Who takes 88 pounds of sand home with them?

    Just make them pay the $3,300 fine, and kick them out. You keep them in prison for 6 years, it will cost far more than that.

  5. Send this story to all your sophisticated, college-educated acquaintances who declare that we should be more ‘european’.

  6. Why the fuss, according to A.O.Cortex Global Warming er Climate Change will eliminate both that beach and its sand in about 12 years(and none of us will be around to see it)!

  7. “Beware of strange faces in dark dingy places, be careful while bendin’ the law”
    Gordon Lightfoot

  8. The Italians are just trying to save them from years of bad luck. Have you ever heard of the horror stories that Pele has in store for you for taking souvenir Hawaiian lava home with you.


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