You can’t even parody Biden at this point

Here is Joe’s signing interpreter.

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  1. Joe, when the sun goes down so does your mental acuity. You are only reasonably intelligent when the sun is shining, watch out for cloudy days.

  2. Sundown, you better take care,
    If I find I’ve been talking ‘bout my blonde leg hair,
    Sometimes, my brain takes a spin,
    And I feel like I’m back in 2012 again…

  3. Harris may be a tad more intelligent that Joe Bidet, but not by much, so it’s not saying much for either of them.

    I don’t think either has the mental strength or courage to be POTUS. Joe is a senile old curmudgeon with limited brain power and she comes across to me as morally weak and out of her league for VP or POTUS.

  4. I’m telling all of you, Robert Woodward is on this story. He’s had several interviews with the deaf and dumb and really exhausted guy who does Dementia Joey’s signing interpretations. As soon as Woodward can get his notes figured out, he’s going to come out on the Columbia BS Network with another hard hitting Sixty Minuets interview. Wait a damn minute, the signing guy is deaf? This explains why Woodward can’t get his hands around this scandal.

  5. Maybe God is mocking the democraps by making joey their Presidential candidate. Using him to show them how big a bunch of fools they are for allowing an reprobate to run for President. Maybe I’m reading too much into it but joey is his own worst enemy and the majority of the American people are catching onto that fact and want nothing to do with him. And the Devil could be mocking him as well. Talk about a double whammy!

  6. Lately I find it hard to know what’s a joke and what’s real.

    And this is not to say that “real” isn’t pretty funny!

  7. Democrats might as well walk around with self-soiled pants 24/7.
    That they support this melon-head for POTUS is as ridiculously humiliating as it gets.

    “I’m voting for Biden, I’m shamelessly stupid.”


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