You can’t lose something you never had

American Thinker:
By Adrienne Skolnik

Losing a friend to politics.

Today I lost a close friend.  Cherished and admired by my family.  A great humanitarian. Generous and kind individual.  I have a heavy heart for it was so sudden.  No, she did not die!  Then why such great sadness?  She cut off our friendship because I am a Conservative and she is a Liberal.  Believe me, just as painful.

On June 9, 2020, American Thinker published an article I wrote called, “Whiteness,” The New Evil.  It has brought many incredible people into my life.  Since my Liberal friend and I shared many life events, I sent the article to her.

I didn’t speak with my Liberal friend for two weeks and when I called to “check in” and see how she and her family were doing, the last part of our conversation was about my article. Prior to this, we never talked politics. I said, “I guess you now know I am a Conservative and I think you are Liberal.”  She acknowledged, “A little Liberal and some of my family are a little Conservative.” (That is like being a little bit pregnant.)  She said she liked the part I wrote about antisemitism and the Ethiopian Jews, but she didn’t agree with other points I made. One being that I believe that antisemitism is more prevalent in the United States than racism.  She disagreed and saw it the other way around even though I provided statistics of hate crimes against Jews.  I told her, “No problem.” And we said our warm and friendly goodbye.

Two more weeks went by, and there was a Zoom event taking place from the New York Consulate also about the Ethiopian Jews (Beta Israel).  My friend Raffi Berg, Middle East Editor of BBC Online is the author of the book, “Red Sea Spies,” the story of how the Israeli Mossad set up Operation Brothers in a fake diving resort in Sudan, to rescue 7,000 Ethiopian Jews and get them safely to Israel.  The program also featured Commander of the Mossad Dani Limor.  Here is the link for that event which starts three minutes after opening:

I also sent the announcement for this wonderful event to my Liberal friend.  To follow up and make sure she could open the Zoom account, I called, but she didn’t answer.  So I left a message. No response. Then I called again and left a message.  No response.  I decided to send an email.  No response.  This was quite unusual for my Liberal friend usually gets right back to me. I actually started getting worried something happened to her. MORE

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  1. Notice it’s ALWAYS the liberal who cuts off the friends over politics.

    Liberalism is a mental disorder. The problem is the logical conclusion of liberalism is genocide.

    Before you can murder a friendover their political beliefs, you have to unfriend them.

  2. my sister and nieces occasionionaly tell me that they love me, yet they don’t….The people that love me don’t need to tell me….they show it….

  3. Sorry pal; you were taken in by an extremely able psychopath who realized their manipulation game wasn’t working and went looking for easier prey.

  4. Not only is liberalism a mental disorder, it is a cult – perpetuated by naivete, ignorance and denial.

  5. Typical liberal/progressive cowardice. Writes a bitter, nasty letter caller her friend nasty things then closes with telling her not to call or write and pleading for her to honor her request. What a nasty little c*nt she is. The author is far better off without her

  6. Narcissists are fake friends.

    Only a narcissist would completely devalue another person who does not share that narcissist’s idiotic belief. This is how the foundation is laid for genocide.

    You were fortunate to get rid of the ‘friend’ before they hurt you even worse.

  7. We swallowed our defeat and accepted our progressive friends and did’nt defriend them or block them on social media when Ohbummer was elected President, but NOW that the shoe is on the other foot?
    We’re racist, bigotted, xenaphobes, lgbtqwhateverphobes, evil, white surpremasists and the worst people in the world!

  8. I lost a friend. I blame myself because I was foolish enough to believe he was a friend. I didn’t agree with him so his last words were, “I have plenty of other friends, I don’t need you any more”. It’s been several years, he’s dead to me now. It’s true, you can’t lose what you didn’t have.

  9. I see it like this-
    A prog feels their self-worth is validated by the amount of friends they can collect who feel exactly, I mean EXACTLY the same way they do politically. When you disagree with them or change politically, it’s devastating because it’s as if a part of them dies.

  10. Conservatives are still waking up to the fact that the least tolerant people in this nation are the Liberals who constantly virtue-signal their tolerance.

    It’s a bit like discovering that the companies that aren’t making it are usually the ones advertising the most.

  11. This happened to me with a dear dear friend I met when I was in the 3rd grade. We were so close. She stayed at my house when her mother threw her out while in HS and she shared so much growing up. As years went on we always stayed in contact and we drifted a bit but still always touched base. She was one of my 4 dearest and closest friends in my life. Now after the election she told me she saw I liked something and that I supported Trump. And because of this fact she will not be comfortable coming to my 50th birthday gathering since it was after the election. She stated she could not deal with everyone being happy and a threat to her. She also stated she is a die hard NY Times reader and she is very frightened because Trump is going to banish all the Jewish people and get rid of all the gays in the USA. I was so shocked and now furious. Ghost actually calmed her and me down and she did come to the gathering. BUT it will NEVER be the same. I went to her 50th which was in March of 2016 and Ghost and I could see a mile away the liberal BS but we ignored and enjoyed hence the history between us all. Liberalism is a mental disorder and TDS is out of control. So very, very sorry she is being advised in such a backward way. I know she will never listen to me and I will never listen to her. So life moves on. I could tell you other things she has stated since 2016 but it’s just so disappointing to hear it come from her. Oh well, I now lost a friend and it hurts.

    God Bless us all!

  12. Our liberal friends In Seattle have faded away. There’s still a slim Faux connection thru Facebook and such, but really, if we left tomorrow no one would care or notice. They’d only know if I decided to include them on my Xmas card list.

  13. Mary Hatch,

    Though your friend can never be replaced, you have many like-minded friends on IOTW who will lift you up – and you will never feel alone!

  14. Hi Mary Hatch,

    I don’t speak to my family for the most part since when Justice Scalia died and I had the absolute ‘nerve’ to compare the man to our father and they unloaded on me. Yeah, all NY Times readers like you said.

    Sorry about you and your very long time friend, we choose them, our friends, not our family. I have gotten over the fact that I do not speak to my family, I’m cool with it.

    I do have some supportive friends to speak to and places to express views, like here at this place.

    I suggest you let that get past that ole’ friend and just move on. Toxicity in relationships, of any kind is not nice, not healthy and not worth it.


  15. CCNV, I really appreciate the support. It just shocks me how the divide is made by those who don’t want to hear or know another opinion. Maybe I made the mistake and thought everyone I know and love is like minded with me. Heck, I have a friend in her late 80’s who was born and raised in Germany. She thinks Angela Merkel is the best thing since sliced bread. She said to me a few weeks ago “Angela Merkel is a breath of fresh air when I hear her speak.” Needless to say, I changed the subject and she didn’t catch on why. We have known each other since 1998 and we have never spoken politics EVER. Crazy times we live in.

    Thank you, again for your support.

    God Bless us all.

  16. Thanks, YoT! I understand what you mean about getting rid of the Toxicity. They just don’t understand things could and would have been different if not for us all moving forward with President Trump. Pray every day!!!

    God Bless us all!

  17. ‘Toxicity in relationships, of any kind is not nice, not healthy and not worth it’.

    We all had better get use to this whole concept moving forward in these warped times. It SUCKS big time to Mary Hatch about old friend loss, but you have other friends to rely on, I’m sure of that.

    Youngest of Ten kinda said it, and you will have less baggage as a result.

  18. “The people that love me don’t need to tell me….they show it…” – Willysgoatgruff

    What he said. PERIOD.END.OF.STORY. It’s about our actions and gestures.

    Thank you.

    (btw all others, good comments.)


  19. This is why in many ways I’m a hermit.

    I typed out an entire screed and erased it.

    Fuck it. Fuck them. Your real friends only leave when they die.

  20. Erik, I have more time behind me then I do in front of me. I tell all my dearly true friends I love them before I hang up or leave them. I know who cares. And those that are not with us here, they are still with us.

    God Bless us all!! Thank you!

  21. I’m a loner with aquaintances, not close friends. I like it that way. I have lots more time for me and don’t have to put up with liberal BS just to save a “friendship”.

  22. I have a close friend who always brought up politics even though I was conservative she was not. She always asked me why I saw things the way I do and I would explain my reasoning. We had a lot in common. We were both artists, both loved animals. We didn’t talk as often but, one day out of the blue she called and said. I don’t know how I was so blind, I’m a conservative now. She said my reasons for seeing things the way I do always made sense to her but, what finally changed her mind was Obama. She saw that he was a fraud.

  23. Why do we fall into the trap of calling them “liberals?”
    There’s nothing “liberal” about Nazism, Communism, or any other totalitarian system.

    Call em what they are!

    izlamo delenda est …


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