You Can’t Spell Caliphate without Capitulate (well, close enough)

What’s Australia gonna do after their Muslims have thrown down the gauntlet?

Requiring schoolchildren to sing the national anthem, and the citizenship pledge supporting democratic values, are a part of an oppressive campaign by Australian authorities of ‘forced assimilation’ of the Muslim community”.

Hizb-ut-Tahrir spokesman, Unthman Badar


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  1. They need to make travel arrangements before the Ozzies resort to kicking their asses into the ocean for that long swim home.

    Moozies hate dogs. Do you suppose they like sharks?

  2. How about this: Assimilate or GTFO.

    I have an idea. If you feel oppressed in Oz, go home. I’m sure you were less oppressed, there. :LOL:

  3. i saw a great poster recently

    it had a picture of reagan, with the comment if i were still president isis would be waswas

  4. TO all you Aussie muzzie jihadists. . .
    WHO moved to WHO’s country?
    Don’t like the basic rules in Aussie land? Then return to your own hellhole.

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