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You can’t win with gay photographers

First there was the photographer who didn’t want to participate in the gay wedding. That caused an uproar.

Now there is a gay photographer who’s upset that a client didn’t want to hire them. That’s causing an uproar.

According to the gay photographer she was contacted by a woman to take maternity photos. After she saw her social media profile, which included a gay pride flag, the woman contacted her back and said she didn’t want her young daughter to think she thought it was okay to be gay, because she didn’t approve of the lifestyle.

There is still the distinct possibility that the gay photographer fabricated the entire exchange, but assuming she didn’t, is a customer allowed to hire who they want to hire?

Maternity photography is a particularly intimate experience. Isn’t someone allowed to pick and choose who they are most comfortable with?

According to the photographer, apparently not. According to many commenters, apparently not.



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  1. Hmmm,

    Looks like the eternally offended class has taken a page out of oblowme’s book and is pushing for socialized photography…. after all she didn’t build that so YOU should have to pay her money weather you want to or not.

    We should call it the “The individual photography mandate” and enact on the same lines as obummercare because it will NOT be a “tax”, it will be a way of life, or some such drivel.

  2. If the photographer or the commenters who go along with her knew someone they were thinking about hiring was a Christian Conservative, do you think they wouldn’t change their minds?
    Heck, if they found out one of their friends, (real or facebook) were, they kick ’em to the curb.

  3. Sorry. this is B.S.

    If I just happened to pull into a convenience store while travelling on the road and saw a notice on the door of an establishment that they they honored (say no CC, or American Flags, or that they were pro-abortion, Gay, kneeled with the NFL, endorsed BLM) I AM NOT GOING IN.

    It is my right to not utilize a service from an individual I do not want to condone the behavior of. And my right to research same.

    GET OVER IT. If you want my business then keep it on a professional business level.

  4. Why is it that gays or the LBGTxyz crowd needs to announce who they have sexual relations with?
    Hi, I’m John/or/Mary and I’m a heterosexual – said no one, ever.

  5. A customer doesn’t NEED a reason. If I walk into an establishment and see CNN on the teevee I turn heel and go to a different operation.

  6. I agree with several people here. It seems like a hoax. Also, several of commenters had to bash Christians while they were in deep, frothy outrage, too.

  7. so fake it should have been reported on cnn right ?

    just the lengthy excuse given by so called potential customer in in-hiring dike is ridiculous.

  8. This is a conjured up narrative. Both sides of this suit are on the same side. They want to use the law to make people think if they don’t hire a gay-owned business once they know it’s a gay-owned business, then they can get sued and lose.

    The fagcists are getting way out of hand now.

  9. When I start a business, the first order of business is to let everyone know that I am heterosexual.

    Somehow, though, I don’t see how that’s good for business.

    The same as a faggot parrots he’s running a faggy business.

    It has nothing to do with business. Shutup or be put out of business. It’s that simple.

  10. The story sounds like BS but who cares anyway. People don’t have to hire you and as long as they are following any executed contractual obligations they can walk/cancel for whatever reason. That is what living in a free country is all about. This just shows me this woman is mentally ill and I wouldn’t use her after seeing this BS.

  11. I will not enter any place with a rainbow flag, and if I see one, I will walk out. Don’t advertise your perversion and it won’t cause you any problems. Have worked with and around homosexuals and as long as they keep it to themselves I treat them like I would anyone else.

  12. For me it absolutely has to do with the politics of the gay couple.
    If they are flying the Gadsden Flag, and believe it, why would I care if the two of them paint my house if they do great house painting?

    It’s the gay mafia thing, where somehow the gay pride flag is an annex flag for Cultural Marxism that matters.
    I don’t want leftist house painters painting my house, straight or gay.

  13. Neither of them, the phtog or the customer need to do anything for or with each other. The photog should have just left it alone. There was no insult other than the customer changed her mind and gave a reason.
    If the customer is super sensitive about who she deals with then she should have looked up the photographer before she hired, not after. <--- Which is why i'm wondering if this wasn't all some BS to begin with. My rule- I don't care who you are, but if you MAKE me care, we're gonna have a problem.

  14. Folks just have to get smart. If you hire someone, and later find out you don’t like their politics or sexual orientation, just say you changed your mind; you don’t have to give a reason. Same thing if you are a business and don’t want to serve a customer for whatever reason; just say you are unable to serve them; they can’t make you say why, and If you do, it is a guarantee you will be sued.

  15. Hoax or no hoax, there are a couple of lessons here: If you’re the customer in this case, as Tony R said, just say you changed your mind. If pressed for a reason, tell them that your cousin’s a photographer and insists on taking the pictures him/herself. Little white lies keep feelings from being hurt. If you’re the photographer, keep your sexual orientation to yourself, or at least don’t plaster it all over social media. You don’t see atheist businessmen putting their lack of religious belief on their business cards, do you? There’s a reason for that. Bottom line is that a lot of trouble can be avoided by not sharing too much personal information with those who don’t need to know it.

    BTW, For the most part, I don’t have any problem interacting with gay people, In my experience, most of them are mild-mannered, polite, and not interested in “converting” anyone to their beliefs. Wish I could say the same for some straights I have encountered. The best neighbors I ever had were a couple of Lesbians. They were quiet, kept their yard immaculate, and didn’t have any bratty kids screaming, fighting, and throwing things over the fence into my yard. I hated to see them move out.


  16. There are restaurants in my area I do not eat at because I am prejudiced.

    I hate Pepsi and they sell it exclusively. But I do know the ones who sell Coke which I love.

    Pepsi mafia come get me, I dare ya.

  17. I smell a hoax.

    Regardless, if you advertise your political viewpoint be prepared that some people will shun you and others will flock to you. For instance, if I see the Christian fish symbol I will go there. You have a Not My President sign, well, you can serve those who agree.

    Among the most fundamental rights of individuals is the choice of self association, or not! I do not have to tolerate you, be nice to you, be around you, or put up with you. We have homosexual snowflakes that are desperately trying to use the courts to get their behavior to be seen as “normal” while it is not. They will never be accepted as equal and moral because they are neither.

  18. the day a gay person decides to sue someone for not doing business with them is the day that the American people and government leaders must wake and see the monster that they have enabled.

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