You don’t have to go home, but you have to get the hell out of here

Portland Starts Program to Bus Homeless out of Town

Portland, Oregon, has already given two homeless men tickets out of town. KGW’s Maggie Vespa explains how the program works.


Video Here

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  1. I lived in Portland for a little while back in the early 90’s. The homeless were everywhere and the rest just dressed like it. What a shit hole of liberal policies. A city of have’s and have not’s.

  2. this site worked perfectly for a week or two before the format change, now it freezes my laptop on the first article

  3. We travel quite a bit, and it’s true the homeless are EVERYWHERE! There’s not as many in our town as there were in the past so maybe the PTB here put them on a bus as well. The worst I’ve seen in my travels was beautiful Hawaii. Climate is good, and tourists will feed the human pigeons. Most are mentally ill, and it’s costly to try and fix them. If I were homeless I’d be pissed that Obama is letting more pigeons into this country and getting on the dole. Three hots nd a cot what could be better?

  4. Most the transplanted homeless are here because the city provides FREE housing for bums. Word has spread across the nation so here they come. Problem is, the city can’t keep up with demand. Bums, whack jobs, druggies, fugitives, and other free range democrats set up homeless camps all over. On a warm day downtown Portland smells like a sewer. That’s why we don’t mind 300 days of rain per year.

  5. The sign people are out in numbers.
    I remember when the Coppers would take bums to the city line with an ass beating to move them along.
    Old school Hobos didn’t sit with a sign expecting to be handed money. They rode the rails and lived in culverts and made stew.
    These modern folk make Hobo life look bad, unprincipled and lazy.

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