You don’t think the U.S. can deteriorate like South Africa? Think Again.

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  1. I guarantee you that those patriots never in a million years thought they would ever be firing upon another human being – as a civilian, that is – but that is what the left is pushing HARD for. It can, and sadly, probably will happen here. FUCK YOU Commies!!!!

  2. I don’t think ALL of US can deteriorate like that, but we have seen plenty in leftist strongholds – Portland, Seattle, San Fran, L.A., Minneapolis,…
    Preventing or fixing it is simply a matter of will, we have the manpower and firepower.

  3. Looks like Detroit in 1967 and I’m trying to figure out what Detroit and RSA have in common?
    I’ve come up empty handed, so far.

  4. I remember Detroit in 1967. I was 14 and lived in Waterford, a suburb about 30 miles north of Detroit. We sat on our front porch with rifles. We could hear gunfire but it never reached our street…

  5. We already are an Apartheid nation with a minority sub-culture (13% of the population) using the hate term ‘racist’ to drive the direction of the country in both a disastrous and deadly fashion!

  6. The fun has just begun, the inner city ferals are gonna freak out when the EBT cards stop getting refilled.

  7. It will happen, and it will happen in our Democrat controlled major cities because the Democrats have catered and coddled those prone to violence. Lightfoot in Chicago is concerned and New York may elect a mayor who may be able to change attitudes, but west coast cities are pretty well screwed.

    I don’t know what the trigger will be – anything from a police shooting to loss of power – but there will be a trigger. The urban thugs are in a mood, they are encouraged by their idiot politicians, and it won’t be pretty.

  8. “You don’t think the U.S. can deteriorate like South Africa?”

    It’s going to be much more deadly than SA. Sponsored by the DNC, facilitated by the FBI, executed by a shit load of Government agencies, BLM and ANTIFA. Turf has already been established. They will venture out from places like Portland and treat you like a SA white farmers. And mean while the FBI is doing a great job keeping us from getting organized. We are in a world of hurt. Plan accordingly.

  9. The huge difference between now and April 1968, is that the restless Back Colored Natives have support from White Colored Extremists and Congressional Traitors. The National Guard and the U.S. Army will have to be called up to stop the rioting and destruction. It’s inevitable. It’s going to happen. Thousands will die in the bloodshed.

  10. Not to mention there are reliable reports of up to 500K Chinese Soldiers massing at both boarders. They are Recon. There will be lots more.

  11. Thankfully we have Colonal Flagg leading the resistance from north/central California….That’s Flagg, Colonal Brad Flagg….

    watch where this one goes. It will be glorious….500k chinese soldiers amassed at both borders?….what you smokin’ Col. Flagg?…Col. Brad flag

  12. OK Willy. What the fuck? Do you need a hug or something. You need to go find some help. You know nothing about me but continually attack/snipe me like a coward. What the fuck asshole? Last time you tried this shit you got called out by the community here. Catch a fucking clue.

  13. South Africa really fucked up – they should have just divided the country in half, so at least there’d be one great African nation left.

  14. I don’t care how many COMM-CHINKS they throw at us, there are a lot of us old Veterans that can still handle a weapon.

    And I think I would just as soon be in a trench with BAD BRAD than a willie!

    I’ve been there before and killin’ commies (SAT CONG) ain’t new to me!

  15. Thanks Doc. I don’t get it. The MoFo is psycho. Anthony Hopkins will play his part in the movie.
    We have some bad shit facing us, we don’t need the distractions.

  16. Willy
    Ya know my old man, a ww2 vet, could be a real asshole. But at the same time, he’d be the first in line to help someone. If you are hurting ask FUR for my contact info. I’ll get right back to you.

  17. Hey Doc, do ya think there are 500k chi coms at both borders? or will be soon?….Who da fuck thinks that except somebody that has Q tattooed on an orafice?….My trench will not allow any Col. Brad Flaggs….

    And Joe6pak, do you believe there are 500k chi coms parked at both our borders?…simple yes or no question. Answer it….

  18. Trench? I thought we all had sand bag emplacements.

    MOBILE infantry.

    Although to be fair, if I have to invade New Mexico I’m just gonna’ give it back to the old one.

  19. Oh yeah, do you guys think ‘Rubber Fart Box’ is a good name for a band?

  20. CNN is more of a digital fart box. Not the same at all.

    Rubber Fart Box will go double platinum based on the name alone.

  21. “Rubber Fart Box” is a bit too long a name.

    It will become known as RFB, Rubber Fart, or Fart Box.

    “Dogshit Sandwich” has already been taken.

  22. “Hey Doc, do ya think there are 500k chi coms at both borders? or will be soon?”

    This is exactly why this asshole doesn’t belong here. He’s a fucking Libtard. Probably FBI.

  23. I thought about that. RFB is cool. Like, just be RFB for a while until people keep asking what RFB stands for.

    The main goal is to of course, destroy the music industry. And sell a lot of tshirts that have RUBBER FART BOX printed on them.

  24. Alas, the band name, “Dildo Warheads” has also been taken.

    My Water Mitty band name from the old days was, “Pike, Prod, and Sound”, which were the three tests you made on a telephone pole before you climbed it. I thought I was so clever. My Father said, “That sucks, your band name should be, “Chaos in the Turbulent Flow””.

    I still think “Chaos in the Turbulent Flow” is awesome.

    It would have become CTF, but that would be OK.

  25. And WillyGoatLabia should be a big hit too. A sharp tongue Bro, and absolutely nothing to back it up with. You’re a sad little man. And quite honestly, if I knew how to help you I would. You should seek some help.There’s no shame in that.

  26. Dildo Warheads is brilliant.

    I’ll keep working on the band name. After 10 years I’m bound to come up with a good one.

    Like…Atomic Fart Box.

  27. “Dildo Warheads is brilliant.”
    So you strap one on, drive it home in a communist. It goes off, as designed. What happens to your sack? Just sayen, I have questions about this weapon.

  28. “I have questions about this weapon.”

    The caption to a gary larson cartoon about designing “dildo warheads”.

  29. Willy, you are such a shaved, infected, cunt! Why do you bring me into your weird little world? Do I think there are 500,000 ChiComs on either border? I don’t know the number, but I have plenty of friends in British Columbia that have witnessed moderate sized military convoys with Asian looking dudes in them. And Turdeau seems to be as compromised as biden. I believe we are in jeopardy as a free nation and the threats are from inside and outside our borders. So maybe you should consider putting your anxieties toward helping to prepare for our well being instead of dragging up your make believe antagonists for whatever your self-satisfying fantasies cause you abuse yourself with. Fuck off loser!!

  30. I read that, he was rather non descriptive about the EXPLODING HEAD. Was it squirt boom? Or just Boom. Or maybe it shouldn’t be a strap on at all. Drop a bazillion of them into China. You just know you’ll collect some Anal Asians. Carry on.

  31. LOL Col. Brad Flagg….If you really want to help me then send them 500k chi comms that are amast at our bordesr to come and visit and bring some dim sum…..I’m hungry….

    You really do understand that you typed that 500k chi comms are near both borders?…don’t you?…maybe you don’t…

    So, the lesson learned is that Col. Bad Brad Flagg can spew any farcical bullshit out of his mouth and you can’t call farcical bullshit on him….and then others will back up his farcical bullshit….amazing…

  32. This thread is exactly how I envision the Rubber Fart Box tiny desk concert at NPR would go.

  33. Why Eric?….I have to watch CNN….

    Hey Eric, do you believe that there are 500k chi comm’s currently at both of our borders?….once again, a simple yes or no answer….

  34. Come on Wily, let’s get down to it. We both need satisfaction this need to be ended. Act like a man for once in your life.

  35. Joe6pak…” I have plenty of friends in British Columbia that have witnessed moderate sized military convoys with Asian looking dudes in them.”…….

    pictures or it didn’t happen….I live about 140 miles from Fort Riley, home of The Big Red One and they ain’t moving to either border right now or soon…The Big Red One is the first of us poor dumb bastards to go to most front lines….it was a simple yes or no question Joe6pak. Try answering that before you go to the name calling….LOL….Gotta go watch CNN now….

  36. Willy, it’s likely the reason the we are not protecting our borders is because of the TRAITOROUS BASTARDS in charge that are trying to sell us down the river. You’re right, cnn is where you should be spending your time.

  37. Eric…the question is 500k chi comms at both borders?…yes or no…..there are more then 500k communists/socialists in America….many more….

    No Brad, I don’t hate your guts. I just want to be able to call bullshit on you when you say stupid shit and not be insulted. I like most of your posts concerning gun knowledge….your tough guy “Col. Flagg” bravado is tiresome…..If you think there are 500k chi comms at our borders, then giddy up. There are several modes of transportation to be had to get you there….Hafta go watch CNN now….

  38. Burr…Sandbags and Trenches? I remember having to dig a new hole every time we stopped for the night. Like they say…”Home is where you dig it!”

  39. Just to be clear, ChiComs on both borders is a reality. Pictures of Chinese Soldiers in Snow Gear strutting around the Canadian, US Border are easy to find. Now pics are popping up of them running on the border in Summer attire.
    Opioid trafficking on the Southern Border is off the charts. Who makes all the Opioids. China. Willey, you’re sharp as a marble.

  40. Hey Brad…”The little coward will disappear for a week or so now. Geez.”…..The only reason I might disappear is because the articles don’t fit my comment and I can’t comment on your posts because you whine and claim I’m picking on you….This has grow tiresome…yes or no questions won’t be answered, name calling, pissing and moaning, general malaise, sad….

    Hey Joe6pak, I have a good friend that purse net fishes Prince Williams Sound for salman with a limit seiner. Ain’t heard a peep about the pending chi comm invasion. What have you heard?. you got some Alaskan ties….

  41. Hold up Willey

    ” I just want to be able to call bullshit on you when you say stupid shit ”

    I could accept that, if I thought I was the only one that typed stupid shit here. Because I’m the only one you attack. Right? Right. You want my dick that bad faggot? WTF is wrong with you? Again? I’m trying to book sometime on Dr. Phil.

  42. “You don’t think this thread can deteriorate like South Africa? Think Again.”

    …. fixed it

  43. When the shit really hits the fan and there is nothing else to loose, I will have a bone to pick with some college professors who worked to get us to that point.

  44. willy

    I bet you wore the finger prints off the tip of your fingers looking for that old story, which is not applicable to what I was referencing. The ChiComs are on the Southern Border big time working with the Cartels pushing Fentanyl into our country. You should try some. To busy to play today, you’ll need to entertain yourself.

  45. Hey Col. Brad Flagg, that “old” article is 7 months old….When the trucks and trains start loading up out of Fort Riley I will get concerned….until then, spit out “Q’s” pacifier and try to get a grip on reality….

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