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You had ONE job!

FOX: Doctor wrongly removed kidney during botched procedure, lawsuit claims.

An Iowa woman is suing her South Dakota doctor and his practice after she claims she went in for a procedure to remove a mass on her adrenal gland and came out still with the mass inside of her — and missing a healthy kidney.

Dena Knapp, who said the 2016 procedure has left her with progressive kidney disease in her remaining kidney, also said she suffers from pain, fatigue, depression and mental distress as a result of the error.

According to Knapp’s lawsuit, Dr. Scott Baker, who performed the procedure, was informed by the pathology department at Avera McKennan Hospital that he had removed her kidney on Oct. 5, 2016, not the mass. more

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  1. The “doctor” should now have his removed – without benefit of anesthesia.

    “Justice” is, of course, the goal.

    izlamo delenda est …

  2. McKennon?!! I worked there and my oldest son was born there in 82. i was in the room so i know we got the right one.

    I just had surgery on my shoulder last week at the 6th best surgical hosp in the usa here in the Black Hills and they wrote on my shoulder, prepped it when i was alert. No way that was getting screwed up.

  3. Had to go into hospital 24 hours ahead of vein stripping in lower right leg so “Dr. could speak with me and mark my legs prior to surgery.” B.S. , it was to fill bed count. The aids came in to shave me and they were going to shave both legs up to and including groin.

    I told them NO WAY. In prior exam Dr. and I agreed up to my right knee only needed. Told them the Dr. was supposed to mark my leg and speak to me while I was fully awake while my husband was present or I was walking out of the hospital.

    Dr. flitted in for 1 minute, didn’t mark my leg, but assured me he was doing the correct leg.

    Yes, he did the correct leg, but never came back for a post op, and I had to demand to be released about 5 hours later. Time told me he also botched the operation. Wish I had done something about it. Been suffering from it for 30 years so far.

  4. My mom had to have an eye removed – she wanted to write on the good one “Not This One”. I don’t think she did, but maybe it would be a good idea if all of us were a bit more proactive.

  5. OMG
    This will give me nightmares. If this had happened to me I’d be on the kidney transplant list instantly.

  6. @LBS haha…
    That’s nothing.
    Look at what doctors have done to Nancy Pelosi’s face.

    So did they take stuff away or add extra stuff? And I’m pretty sure they messed with her brain too.

  7. For many years I passed kidney stones on a semi regular basis. When it finally got to be REGULAR BASIS (long story short) I had them cut out the offending kidney and threw it in the slop bucket. No more kidney stones and going fine with just one kidney for something like thirty years now. Afternoon surgery and then the following morning going down the road with a cigar in one hand and a large cup of coffee in the other. Don’t like staying in hospitals. People die there!

    Thinking I might have been just a little pissed if they took the wrong one! As they’re saying the womans’s remaining kidney ain’t working too well.


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