You Have Ruined Thanksgiving! [In 4 Words]

I’m Not Your Mom

I Invited Harvey Weinstein

She’s Out On Parole

OK, Yeah. I Farted


h/t Snowball the Sourpuss’ Brother.

127 Comments on You Have Ruined Thanksgiving! [In 4 Words]

  1. I didn’t come here to listen to this shit!

    The potatoes are lumpy and the gravy tastes like rubber glue. Is there a McDonalds close by?

    So, the DNA results are in, we’re all related to the Obamas, no wonder Aunt Jane looks like The Mooch, and cousin Ned looks like Obama The Deliverance dude.

  2. (gasping for breath…)


    I actually was asked this, moments before it started raining dirty toilet water from the recessed lighting cans in my kitchen.

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