You know a leftist stunt is bad when even Planned Parenthood wants nothing to do with it

Planned Parenthood has refused to join leftist clothing company Dhvani in its recent anti-Trump ad, which was featured in Times Square.

“Planned Parenthood does not endorse this campaign, nor will we be accepting funds raised by this campaign,” said Senior Vice President Melanie Newman in a press release Friday.

“Our staff members have faced threats and acts of violence for doing their jobs, and many of our patients turn to us as their safe space for care after facing violence in their lives,” Newman commented. “We do not condone violence or violent imagery against anyone.” more here

9 Comments on You know a leftist stunt is bad when even Planned Parenthood wants nothing to do with it

  1. What really planned. Parenthood’s goal (besides its leaders getting rich)?

    Answer: to be a part of the ruling class of the fascist swamp.

  2. “Unless they’re innocent babies.”

    I recall the 1975 DuQuoin State Fair (Illinois), I was 7 years old and saw a large full color display of aborted babies, and parts of babies, in trash cans. Didn’t fully understand at the time what it meant even though I knew what it was. Roe v. Wade was still big recent news and there were no riots or threats made against whoever it was that put up the display.

    Try putting up that display today on 99.8% of college campuses and you will be lucky if you get away only with verbal assault, but no matter what happens to you it will have the tacit approval of administration and police. YOU will be considered the wrong one, the evil one.

    The country that existed in 1976 is long, long gone and the people who lived then are old and dying off. For my daughters’ sake, I fear the ones who are replacing people like us.

  3. …just a matter of time before they start making the abortion “decision” FOR you…

    …unless they already ARE…

    …you may find one day that being non-Democrat parents is considered to be a ‘mental illness’, and with a ‘precedent’ in another nation of the sort the Left LOVE to cite, well, let’s just say we’ve seen this path BEFORE…

  4. GROOL,
    Last paragraph is so true.
    I grew up with ‘leave it to Beaver’
    and ‘Andy of Mayberry’.That way of life
    with manners,consideration and civility
    is long gone and it will never return…
    What takes it place is a design of Satan.

  5. R-man,

    Yes…exactly as foretold. As I always say: a global, cohesive, integrated, inescapable, compulsory one-world government/economy/religion complex is forming before our eyes. That structure was foretold thousands of years ago to be the platform of the Antichrist. Its conception, much less its practical construction, was unthinkable at any time in history before now, but it’s coming, fueled by envy, greed and covetousness, glued together by all manner of lust, and its ultimate goal: the final idolatry against God and His Christ.


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