You Know, Carbon Credits Don’t Actually Offset Your Carbon Footprint


For everyone who likes to fly on airplanes or drive cars but feels guilty about the carbon footprint, there is a lovely way to assuage your guilt without making any actual lifestyle changes: buying carbon credits. Many companies are selling such credits to consumers, with the vague promise of offsetting your carbon footprint. However, no one can actionably explain how paying to offset your carbon footprint actually counters the alleged extreme harm caused by everyday life.

Nevertheless, one of the first things on many of these businesses’ websites is asking for money, either through purchasing a carbon credit or a donation. In looking closely at the companies that sell carbon credits, it becomes clear they have found a clever way to profit off guilt over climate change.

One such company, Cool Effect, solicits $129.98 right off the bat when you click on their website, to offset a year’s worth of carbon usage. They offer various projects where your money can go, with different dollar amounts per tonne of carbon. These include building a bird sanctuary, planting trees, creating clean cookstoves in various countries by building a machine that turns natural expulsion of methane into energy (which they assure you is not fracking). All of these projects are worthwhile endeavors, but none reduce anyone’s carbon expulsion. read more

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  1. Carbon credits are white guilt while privileged feeling goodie good liberal bullshit.

    IF they want to talk, let’s talk about their consumerism and the GARBAGE they produce.

  2. I burn a ton of anthracite a year… two of my automobiles have carburettors… and one of my automobiles burns diesel.

    You’re telling me that I can pay 130 dollars a year and my cars won’t work anymore? My coal stove will stop working?

    That’s awesome! Can I get patch for my hat?

  3. Come on lefties, let’s face facts.

    If you really want to do your part to eliminate your CO2 effect on the planet and save mother nature…

    You’re going to have to kill yourself. What are you waiting for?

    Oh, so you’re not serious after all!

  4. I’ve always said that Carbon Credits (resulting from an even bigger scam Global Cooling, Global Warming, Global Cooling Climate Change) was/is the greatest money-making scam of all time!

    you produce nothing, not even asking your ‘flock’ to believe or have faith in the scam, just give us your money so we won’t denounce & shame you like Donald Sutherland in the closing scene in the remake of ‘Invasion Of The Body Snatchers’

    now, if you iOTW’ers want to assuage any guilt over your overuse of flushing your toilet, lighting up the Barbeque one too many times, using your Sears chainsaw on Mother Gaia’s saplings, not cleaning up the dog poop by the side of the road, using plastic bags, keeping your tires improperly inflated, turning your thermostat up 1 degree to keep warm in the winter, idling in a traffic jam on your way to work to keep the car heater on, taking that trip to Grandma’s because you may not have the chance to later because of her poor health, or jetting down to Disney World to give your kids a nice summer va-ca? then send your guilt-laden, tear-stained lucre to Uncle Molon, via

    guaranteed to make you feel you are contributing to Change by donating your Bucks!
    everyone contributing will get an authentic iOTW certified Carbon Credit in your return email, suitable for framing (must have a printer to receive this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity)

    hurry now! be the first on your block!

  5. The Catholic Church used to sell indulgences to offset sin. The church of gaia / gore sells carbon credits. This is no different and no less onerous than the scam that indulgences were hundreds of years ago.

  6. I intend to pay my carbon tax, by depositing it in a brown paper bag, placing it on my nearest democrap politician’s doorstep; lighting it on fire, ringing the doorbell, and walking away. 😎

  7. Mark VII, you are correct, but I worry that these enviroweenies want to kill us all. So the earth can have no humans and be all happy again.

  8. The Garden of Eden had the first computer.
    It was an apple.
    It had one byte and then it crashed.

    The Garden ain’t coming back, you goddamn friggin’ leftists.

  9. Carbon Credits are simply a feel-good scam that allow Liberals to purchase the privilege to pollute.
    Or said a nuther way, a method to buy hypocrisy by the boat load!
    Hypocrisy, thy name is democRAT!

  10. And now I hear some idiot professor wants the UN to get involved and become the climate enforcer. Good luck with that, we have far more guns than they do and will kill the bastards if they ever tried that in this country, other countries won’t be so lucky.


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