You know, the thang

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  1. The American people should be absolutely frightened at the prospect of the Harris/ Biden ticket running the country, as a matter of fact the Commie Dem’s should never be allowed near the White House ever. God help us.

  2. Joe’s I’ve got hot sauce in my purse moment. Did his handlers approve this or did Joe go off script? This event went off hours late, this was the best Joe they could get to prove he isn’t sundowning.

  3. Waiting for the first debate. Hopefully, Chris will be neutral and let both the President and Mr. Biden try and explain their points.
    I am not 100% confident that will happen, but Mr. Wallace is the best moderator of all of the scheduled debates.

  4. @mickey moussaoui – you did no say smell?? Did you oh, ya did…

    Well I opened up that vid, here in the kitchen area, and lo and behold? My 14 year old came into the kitchen and said:

    “DAD, WHY are you listening to that???”

    So I asked him why??? He said “it just happens to be the most pop song in America right now, is ‘WAP’.”

    And you’ll have to research that for yourselves…what WAP actually means, oh dear…and uh ya yoy.

    Guess I was a bit naive about ‘what the fuck is goin on’ to quote Marvin Gaye…these daze.

  5. At this point, my theory is that the democrats are only keeping Biden around because they plan to false flag him the week before the election and frame the evildoer as a MAGA person in order to scam a rage based anti-Trump vote flip at the last minute before the facts dribble in after the election. Just like they do with the mass shooters (Funny how none of those has happened in a while, hmmm?…). Other than that, Biden seems completely useless, even more so than when he had his marbles, which is saying something.

  6. That’s just sad. It remind me of a very old STAR TREK episode where Kirk and Spock beamed down to a planet that was controlled by Nazi types and the person in charge was more or less BRAIN DEAD and they were just using his still functional body for video purposes only for their agenda!

  7. @ghost – it appears we had the same response to WAP. Really? Someone is actually calling that art and music? Disgusting.

  8. Ghost and I share the same children and I did hear our 14 year old say the song was popular. I have no time for this sh-t. Let’s move on. It was a ridiculous stunt and I have finally accepted they could never be elected. This whole campaign is not fathomable. Oh, I hope to God I am right!

    God Bless us all!


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