You know what to do

43 Comments on You know what to do

  1. You were about 1000 times more effective with your side of the House than that useless goofball we have, Paul Ryan.

  2. “When I look deep into your eyes, I can see that the wall behind you needs a new coat of paint.”

  3. “I’ll bet every time you take Communion, it tastes like ashes in your lying mouth.”

  4. Well hello Nancy…do you have anything you would like to say to my face? You should tell me straight up and don’t beat around the “Bush”!

  5. This sexbot is fairly lifelike, but they could have made her better looking. What did you expect from Socialism?

  6. “Hello Nancy, how have you… Holy shit!!.. your eyes are crossed! Believe me, and let me tell you, as a batshit-crazy vampiress bitch, you really should be wearing sunglasses. And wipe that roach-eating grin off your face. You’re not fooling anyone.”

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