You Like Riding on Roller Coasters?

Cop a squat in the bitch seat…

8 Comments on You Like Riding on Roller Coasters?

  1. Just realized, the difference between being a coward or a fool,
    I puked,,,
    Amazed ride he lived.
    Looking forward to see the update about marriage and fatherhood,,,
    J’f’ing with ya,
    be well dude,,
    That was nuts,,,

  2. LOL, nooooooooooo!

    When my son was in kindergarten he went on the kiddie roller coaster at the state fair and I guess it was fast for someone that little – I just remember him screaming in absolutely pure and unadulterated JOY!!!!! As he swished past me after the first lap the look on his face, oh I’ll never forget it. He was SO. HAPPY. It made my heart feel so good.

  3. Obviously a flaw in the safety system. The ride’s not supposed to start until until everyone is buckled in.

  4. Not impressed. No mud or dust or rocks in the face as in desert or motocross racing. No competitors cutting you off. No cliffs WITHOUT GUARDRAILS. No jumps that come at you out of nowhere. No boulders, trees or bushes to dodge.


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