You might call it: The 25th Amendment Presser

Emerald Robinson
How bad was Biden today at the White House press briefing? Biden’s performance was so terrible that even the pedophile-enablers over at CNN gave it poor marks. Let me just add: it’s nice to see that CNN has at least two or three employees not under active criminal investigation to keep the show going!

4 Comments on You might call it: The 25th Amendment Presser

  1. The longer he stays the more he proves the points I have been making over the last three plus decades. Not yet, leftists are thick headed it is going to take quite a bit more before it finally sinks in and twice that long before it resonates with the bastards what it is THEY stand for.

  2. Emerald Robinson has a source the Obiden Offal Office that is telling her some incredible things about who is really running the country that fairly screams for a Congressional Investigation. It’s just a matter of time before someone knowledgeable sells out for big dollars. We can’t keep waiting for Robert Woodward’s 860 page book to get to the bottom of the biggest political scandal since JFK shared Marilyn Monroe with RFK.


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