“You should have ironed it when you took it out of the wrapper.”

American Thinker: 

Another Democrat posts a transparently phony photo, gets hilariously busted.

Yet another high-profile Democrat in Congress has been busted for posting a photo on Twitter that is such an obvious fraud that even a child could figure it out.

How is it possible that they think that they can get away with taking a new item our of the box, then take a photo, and claim that it represents their true self, their customary signal of personal virtue , when the deep folds of the cloth of the (obviously) brand new item are visible to the naked eye?

This tweet from Rep. Eric Swalwell was immediately spotted as a phony:


14 Comments on “You should have ironed it when you took it out of the wrapper.”

  1. I am not a twitter guy, but the comments on his post were some of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

  2. I hope Swalwell had to read every single comment in an effort to fond just one that supported him.

  3. “You should have ironed it when you took it out of the wrapper”

    There’s an old person joke there somewhere…

  4. …the REAL lie is the American flag to the left of his door…it’s probably there because he told them to “take that disgusting thing out of my office, I TOLD you I can’t stand it”…

  5. The sad thing is that his blatant lying hypocrisy won’t cost him a thing.
    No repercussions.
    No prominent pol or talking head saying: “This guy’s a lying sack of shit!”

    The “Cordon of Silence” is nearly complete.

    izlamo delenda est …

  6. To hang the thing, he used those adhesive hooks that are advertised not to damage the surface they are stuck to when they are removed.

  7. Pandering idiots. None of these examples are as bad as HRC. Hot Sauce toting, Pandering, mean spirited, vile, corrupt and pay for play champion. Of All Time! Can’t wait till she is pandering to the prison guards. Of course she will have to have a toy hand held mic, so she feels like she has an audience. Don’t want to handicap her skills.

  8. I reckon Eric Swallowwell didnt iron the freak flag because he has too many irons in the fire.

    And any mention of irons is a sexist throwback to the male patriarchy hegemony! /sarc


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