You Should Totally Trust Our Elite Institutions…Not

Kurt Schlichter/Townhall:

All you crazy kooks who doubt our accomplished and selfless elite and the institutions our elites manage are crazy kooks, willing participants in crazy kooky conspiracy theories that are both crazy and kooky. Also, Donald Trump was totally a Russian agent who did lines of emoluments off a hooker’s tummy alongside Putin in Moscow.

You look at something like America’s most notorious prisoner, Jeffrey Epstein, suddenly gacking himself in federal custody after having tried to do it a couple weeks ago, and you’re not wrong for wondering if maybe there’s a bit more to the tale than some short eyed strange-o choking himself out. After all, he was known to cavort with other elite pervs – mostly Democrats and at least one married to Felonia Milhous von Pantsuit. Certainly, it’s a reasonable possibility – probably the most likely possibility – that he opted for asphyxiation since his future was distinctly dank going forward. His new friends in the slam would be a bit old and male for his taste. 

No, it’s not insane to think there might be more to it and to want to see what AG Barr’s dual investigations uncover. It’s interesting that Barr is having both the FBI and IG investigate. It’s almost as if he doesn’t trust our institutions either in the wake of Epstein getting Lee Harvey’d.

Basically, the best-case scenario here is that our government is unbelievably incompetent, not a particularly soothing thought. But the alternative is that it is corrupt and criminal in ways we can barely imagine. There’s an even less soothing thought. I can’t wait until these Einsteins take over my health care and are no longer restrained by the citizen veto of the guns we bitter normal people have, so far, wisely clung to.

The fact is you cannot trust our institutions. They are not, and have not been, operating in the interests of Normal Americans for quite some time. They have degenerated into seedy scams run by, and for the benefit of, a garbage ruling caste that inherited the most powerful society in human history and seems determined to do in a couple generations what the Romans took a few hundred years to do – squander it. 

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  1. Just for fun, the Rs should say it won’t matter which D candidate beats Trump, they’re going to immediately start impeachment proceedings no matter who it is. Reactions would be priceless.

  2. The elite cabal are behind the Georgia guidestones. They will be behind the pandemic to ‘save the earth’ from humans.

  3. The worse of it is that it’s in plain sight and yet they continue to get wide support from a disengaged public that won’t awaken until the noose is slipped over their heads.

  4. Evil is organized – classified – categorized – each automaton subject to another in a pyramid of control and mindless subservience – the essence of “socialism” and izlam. The similarities are stunning – both worship men, not God. Socialism – Marx (or Lenin or Stalin or Hitler) and izlam – Mohammed. The nihilistic foundations are clearly defined.

    Our Institutions are run by men. Men who have listened to the whispers of Satan, to the songs of the Sirens, to the gentle nudges of avarice and hubris. They are perverted to preserve themselves. The Boy Scouts, for example. The great financial institutions are a means of wealth and power for the principals who can bestow wealth and power on those who come crawling for handouts with schemes to obtain greater wealth and power.
    Our polity has been corrupted by 150 years (or so) of centralization.
    The Civil War made the States beggars, the 16th Amendment made us paupers, and the 17th wrested the States’ power from them.
    Our Institutions were instituted to perform some good in society, but, alas, they are corrupted by the same forces which corrupt society in general.

    izlamo delenda est …

  5. Good General,
    You DO know that Babylon Bee is satire, right?
    Or maybe I missed the “/s” (sarcasm) tag at the end of your post.

  6. Call it Cloward and Piven 2.0.

    Seems to Me over population is more of a danger than global warming.

    Here’s the elite’s solution.

    Pack every Western Country with Crimigrants …We were always

    worried about the UN Forces? Pshaw…No need for that, We’ve

    already been invaded…For the USA it’s from the Southern Border.

    Think about this, They’ve placed “Children” in every State , even

    though They came in from Texas/Arizona/California…We got a

    buttload in Florida…Who’s to know if these Folks aren’t the

    Globalist’s version of the Green Berets? (Go in , organize and Arm)

    What better way to cut down the Worlds Population, than by

    Collapsing the Farming Communities in the USA? WE feed the World.

    Already happening in South Africa….Europe’s toast…Australia

    and New Zealand are Greening Themselves out of existence.

    Always keep in mind, a couple of low watt bulbs in Boston shutdown

    the Country with a couple of Pressure Cookers.

    As someone (Willy?) pointed out a few years back…

    “Us Preppers don’t seem so crazy now”

    Anyway…Just a few thoughts that wake Me up at 3 AM….( I usually

    have to Pee anyway)

  7. Currupt AND stupid are Not mutually exclusive.
    Spygate is a prime example of what our so-called
    elites can do when they find a high enough cliff
    (coup) for the dumb bunnies to jump from.

  8. As a general rule, plotters never appreciate their plots being revealed, nor the people responsible for revealing them.
    That is exactly what it’s all been about since we elected Trump – retaliation on mainstream America for putting him in office.


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