You shouldn’t go to sleep with a percussion

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  1. I watched this earlier today and it spurred on a flash back to when I was 20 or so. Girl Friends family picnic. I’m still wrestling at the time. So the go for the throat thing is still kicking. Anyway, I was taking it easy, but then there was a ball in the perfect spot to spike the HELL out of. Which, sadly, I did. Before I even thought about it. Hit the soon to be X girl friends Aunt square in the face. I’m not sure if I broke her nose but damn, I was shocked at how much she was bleeding. Anyway, it was that point in my life when I realized I was a natural born asshole. I’ve spent the rest of my time trying to perfect it.

  2. Perfect. It’s just small enough for me to imagine “ORANGE MAN BAD” on the drumhead, Jim Acosta with the mallet, and Ana Navarra catching the ricochet.

  3. OK, stories. (Brad started it!)

    Many years ago…big party, big tent, lots of people, lots of food and drinks, and lots of rain. Our accountant was there with his hat on. Somebody thought it would be funny to grab his hat off his head. And his hair came with it.

  4. That poor woman, and it was just the week before that the trombone player accidentally pulled her bra off.

  5. How do you know if there’s a drummer at your door?

    The knocking gets louder and louder, and faster and faster.


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