‘You son of a b!tch!’

Homeless hoarder’s junk train gets tossed.

Photo: David McGlynn
Photo: David McGlynn

NYPost: Mayor de Blasio on Wednesday gave the order to dump the Hell’s Kitchen hoarder’s caravan of carts after The Post revealed her incredible, block-long collection of junk.

nyp a la cart

Officials huddled at City Hall to discuss Sonia Gonzalez’s street-clogging loads of boxes, bottles, cans and other items, and it was Hizzoner’s call to send a Sanitation crew –  MORE

17 Comments on ‘You son of a b!tch!’

  1. Why send 14 cops and 10 city officials to do what one cop, one looney-bin attendant and three garbage men could do?

  2. Wow! She’s got more stuff than people who are living in a tent. She certainly is resourceful, why is she homeless? She could teach a class on how to hoard and charge for her services.

  3. Stealing shopping carts makes her not only a bum, but a thief.
    At approx. $300 a piece, 20 amounts to felony grand theft.
    I have compassion for people down on their luck, but I have no compassion for thieves.

  4. JohnS,
    If it weren’t for thievery, most Demonrats, ALL politicians, and a lot of Union maggots would be on Welfare.

  5. What a laugh. Two seconds after the gendarmes left with her current horde of goodies I predict that she started building another one even bigger and more impressive! That’s what she does and only does!

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