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You think they’re Flemish now??

Belgian school develops website that includes oral sex techniques… for 7 year-olds.

(Please don’t interpret my title as flippancy. How else does one cope with the left? I can’t legally kill them… can I? (Asking for a friend.))

The Independent-

A “sex education” website has been criticised for offering children sex tips in a series of highly explicit drawings.

The Belgian site, named “Alles over seks” (“Everything about sex”), has been around for nine years and was created by sexual health organisation Sensoa.

Its detailed “show and tell” articles demonstrate a variety of sexual techniques that are graphically explained.

Various aspects of sex education are covered in minute detail, from advice on birth control and STDs to oral sex techniques – including one named “the hummingbird” –  and sexual positions.

Though it was originally intended for 15-year-olds, Belgian schools are recommending the website to children as young as seven-years-old.

Belgian media reports the website was listed in the “Youth Guide”, an advisory pamphlet supported by the Flemish government which is distributed in primary schools around the northern part of Belgium.


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I’m reminded of an old joke by a shock comedian.

“Yeah, I’m for sex education in schools. I was with a 12 year-old the other day and she didn’t know nothing.”

This “joke” reads like a statement of fact now.

Why in the G.D. WORLD would a 7 year-old need to know about oral sex techniques?!?!?!? One could argue the case of teaching kids the biology of procreation. But what does a specific oral sex technique like “the hummingbird” have to do with science and biology? Why would you teach a 7 year-old to be proficient in an activity that you, ostensibly, do not want them participating in?

What’s the argument?

“Hey, kids are going to experiment and play doctor, etc. Might as well be like a pro.”

I realize I’m stating the obvious here. But why is no one stopping it?

What the hell is the left’s end game???? And where the hell is the right??

And why is it okay for FIFTEEN YEAR-OLDS????


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  1. On a related note, Hollywood back to normal. Everyone is ignoring the pedophilia and rape again. Nothing to see here, let’s go demonstrate against that evil Trump.

  2. Shoot. I’ve been doing the hummingbird for years.
    Get in. Get out. And leave so fast she didn’t even know you were there.

    Sorry. It was irresistible.

  3. So, what Belgian is saying is, they will be better off once their Muslim Overlords take control?

    Either way they are screwed. My heart breaks for what children they have left.

  4. I don’t shock much, but I cry when kids are involved.

    Too bad the pseudo-sophisticates who think we should be like Europe, or who are embarrassed by our cowboyness, don’t really know what is going on in Europe. I know people like that. They also think NPR is awesome.

  5. Before reading what follows, I ask you to keep in mind I’m reporting and analyzing, not advocating (quite the opposite).

    Some psychologists and sociologists say that child sex is taboo only because of acculturation, and that without all the parental social pressure, kids could engage in sexual activity without any negative effects. In fact, some of these…people…claim beneficial effects, mostly reduction in sex hangups in adults.

    So, IMO such things as the Belgian sex ed web site being presented to small children is an effort on the part of these…people…to “fix” what they regard as broken. They want the next generation to be free of what they see as an oppressive authoritarian patriarchal, yada yada, prejudices we see today.

  6. When they control the levers of government, their indulgences surface from the stench in their twisted minds.

  7. This is nothing new. This evil has existed in all people at all times. The only reason we’re finding it shocking is because we, like Europe, have been raised in a society with a skin of Christian ethics (if not the substance). For all the bad that has been done in the name of Christ, that has been enough to inform people that some behaviors are wrong without really needing to be told.

    But now that “God is dead,” (get ready to meet Allah, Europe), the skin has worn off and is revealing what was in the human heart the whole time. Yet, nature does abhor voids…something must and will fill the post-Christendom emptiness, and is doing so now.

  8. Well, the CDC reports that 110 MILLION Americans currently have a venereal disease, about a third of the population. I guess the end game is to get us up to an even 100%! That way there’s no shame if everybody’s infected, right?

  9. I was in my late 30’s when I heard about oral sex. Even then I just assumed whores did that
    not the girls I date.
    And I was right

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